An account you can bank on

Ready to embrace a cashless future? Experience the freedom of online spending with all its perks, and none of its risks. Whether you’re big on streaming, ride-sharing, or online shopping, banking with N26 means your money is safe—however you choose to spend it.

Spend online with peace of mind

Need an easy way to pay for something, anywhere? We get it—it’s the 21st century. With an N26 Mastercard, you can enjoy secure online, contactless, and mobile payments without worry. All thanks to the extra layer of security that comes with 3D Secure online authentication. Simply add your N26 card to Apple or Google Pay and get going. And in case you notice something suspicious, lock your card in one tap.

Keep an eye on your money habits

Staying on top of your finances is easy when you can track your spending in real-time. However you choose to spend your money, our instant push-notifications and budgeting features help you stay on track of your money goals. Spend freely, but not mindlessly!

Your N26 account at a glance

Enjoy free ATM withdrawals in euros

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Get instant notifications after transactions

Use your Mastercard everywhere without fees

Save money with Spaces sub-accounts

A free bank account with premium security

N26 is on a mission to build the world’s first digital bank. And while we’re bending the banking experience to fit around you, you can be sure we’re not bending any rules. As a fully licensed German bank, we guarantee deposit protection of up to €100,000. This means your money is safe, no matter what happens to us.

Get instant access to your digital account

Life can be unpredictable, and sometimes we need solutions here and now—that’s why we give you instant access to your digital account. After opening an account you can start spending. Just add your card to your Apple or Google Pay and pay in stores, online, or in apps.
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An account that fits in with you

Open a new N26 bank account from your phone or computer in an easy, paperless signup process.