Aries: Your financial horoscope

Every star sign is associated with certain traits — including Aries. In this article, find out what characterizes Ariens and how they handle their money.
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Every month in the Zodiac x N26 series, we’ll explain what character traits each star sign has and explore how these characteristics relate to money-management. This month, we’re looking at Aries. Let’s go!

The star sign of Aries

Aries represents the first of the twelve zodiac signs. That’s because it lies in the first section of the zodiac (0 to 30° ecliptic longitude from the vernal equinox). The vernal equinox — also called the Aries point — is the part of the northern hemisphere where the ecliptic (the path of the sun around the earth) and the celestial equator (the great circle around the celestial sphere) meet. The Aries zodiac sign marks the moment when winter in the northern hemisphere turns to spring and the zodiac begins anew. However, because the vernal equinox slowly moves west, the zodiac sign of Aries (dated March 21 to April 20) no longer corresponds to the constellation on which it’s based.Aries is a fairly small, arc-shaped constellation located to the east of the Pisces constellation and south of the “Triangulum.” It was first recognized back in the 3rd century BC in Mesopotamia and dubbed the “agriculturalist.” But it was the ancient Greeks who introduced Aries as a sign of the zodiac and gave it its current name. In Greek mythology, Chrysomallos, a talking, flying ram with golden fur, saved the king's son Phrixos from certain death. As a reward, King Athamas named Phrixos heir to the throne. But Ino, Athamas’ second wife (and Phrixos' stepmother) was jealous and tried to thwart her stepson with a devious trick. Chrysomallos, the ram, flew Phrixos to safety, sacrificing himself instead. As a reward, the courageous ram was immortalized in the night sky.

Typical Aries traits 

Those born under the sign of Aries are considered to be particularly energetic, assertive, and optimistic. It’s the first sign of the zodiac, after all! Ariens are born at a time when spring returns. According to the horoscope, Ariens love new things, are full of energy, and don't let anything get in their way. Their element — fire — makes them self-confident specimens who thrive on passion and love. However, Aries’ passions can quickly flip to anger. Why? Well, Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet named after the Roman god of war, known for his short temper and belligerent nature. Luckily, Ariens don’t dwell on negative feelings for too long — their enthusiasm and drive are far too powerful to indulge pettiness.Ariens have a reputation for banging (or ramming) their heads against the wall, as it were. And as a ram, built with curved horns to defend their ranks, this should come as no surprise. These horns, in fact, form the zodiac symbol of Aries. Just like Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, Aries is one of the cardinal signs and is bursting with determination and the urge to move. Anyone who stands in the way of an Aries should be prepared for resistance. The Aries zodiac sign doesn’t hesitate — creating change is part of their DNA.

Aries characteristics

Here’s the thing: Ariens may have a tendency to speak faster than they think. More sensitive zodiac signs like Pisces and Cancer are easily overwhelmed or even hurt by Aries’ curtness. Others appreciate their directness — with the ram, you know that they say what they mean and mean what they say. In this way, their disposition is similar to a Scorpio or Sagittarius. Although the Aries zodiac sign is outspoken, they’re anything but heartless. Ariens often feel very intensely. However, they tend to be more focused on their interests and don’t care much about what others think of them. They might be accused of lacking empathy, but an Aries doesn't step on anyone's toes on purpose. Their self-confidence just means they tend to forget that not everyone’s skin is as thick as theirs.Unlike a dreamy Pisces or visionary Sagittarius, Aries's strength isn’t necessarily coming up with innovative ideas. However, they’re fascinated by their environment and see opportunities everywhere. No matter how unattainable a goal may seem to others, an Aries trusts in their strengths and can make decisive progress with their projects, as long as their interest has been piqued. However, that doesn’t mean that Ariens leave their work unfinished. Rather than being a control freak, an Aries can delegate tasks well, in part because they’re allergic to routines. But instead of relaxing, an Aries will often get spurred on by new goals or projects, neglecting their own work-life balance.Lastly, one of the greatest strengths of the Aries zodiac sign is their will to conquer. True, they may not show strong staying power — their interests tend to flare up just as quickly as they flame out, and they have a strong desire for freedom. But those who keep offering Aries new challenges can keep this born hunter stimulated and happy.

Aries and money

So, now you know the most important characteristics of an Aries. But what does that mean for how they handle money? Read on to find out what the Aries horoscope says about your finances.

How does an Aries manage money?

Ariens love their freedom. And yet, investing in their financial freedom isn’t one of their strong suits. However, they do appreciate flexibility and are open to new trends or technologies. Whether it’s savings apps or cryptocurrency, the Aries zodiac sign catches fire immediately and finds its way around intuitively and quickly.When an Aries has a goal, they pursue it fearlessly — but only as long as it holds their interests. So, it can happen that people born under Aries are highly motivated when they start saving, but then quickly devote themselves to other topics. This impulsiveness is also reflected in investments. While others ponder for weeks and collect tons of information about an investment, Aries simply strikes. The outcome can be spot on, or things can go haywire. But the optimistic Aries isn’t upset by defeat — that just means there’s an opportunity to try again.Among the zodiac signs, Aries is seen as generous. Not only are they willing to spend on themselves, they also like to use their money to make others happy or to support their loved ones financially. That's an honorable trait! Sometimes, though, those born in Aries enjoy the moment a little too much and forget to keep a nest egg for when times are tough. Also, they don't always realize if someone is taking advantage of their generosity. The situation is similar when it comes to insurance. Here, according to the horoscope, Aries is sometimes gullible and doesn’t think enough about the long term.

Meet your savings goals, no matter what your star sign is

Recognize yourself or someone else in the characteristics of Aries? It's hard to believe how apt the descriptions are sometimes. But regardless of whether you handle money in a similar way to the Aries zodiac sign or not, it’s always good to take your personal financial planning into your own hands.If you tend to lose sight of your savings goals, automation might be the key to helping you save money. For an Aries who loves to tackle new projects, the flexible N26 Smart account lets you create up to 10 Spaces sub-accounts. Give each Space its own name — like “Portugal trip” or “Nest Egg” — and use the Rules feature to set a saving amount. That amount is automatically transferred from your main account into the designated Space every month — while you sit back and watch your savings grow. And with N26 Round-Ups, each card payment is rounded up to the next euro, and that extra amount is automatically stashed away. Discover all the other features of N26 Smart and open a flexible checking account that adapts to your lifestyle.

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