Mother and daughter look in scooter rearview mirror.

The motherhood penalty: what is it and how can we combat it?

We know having kids costs money, but did you know that it actually reduces women’s earnings throughout their lives? Read on to learn about the motherhood penalty and what we can do to minimize it.

7 min read

Students relaxing on a bed.

COVID-19 gives rise to a new generation of money-savvy students

Faced with a tough economic landscape, European students are finding new ways to manage their money. We explore how digital tools are enabling students to seize control of their finances.

2 min read

set of different travel related objects.

Your guide to traveling safely in summer 2021

Ready for a real vacation? Here’s how you can hit the road responsibly this summer.

5 min read

Your guide to the vaccine passport and green certificate

How will the vaccine passport work, and what’s the green certificate? Find out all you need to know with this guide.

4 min read

N26 Spaces on phone screen, N26 You card, keys and a glass on a table.

How COVID-19 has impacted the European economy

Want to learn more about the coronavirus’s economic impact in Europe? N26 and the ifo Institute launched a monitor to learn how the COVID-19 pandemic affected the European economy.

5 min read

Pandemic insurance coverage.

Epidemic and pandemic travel coverage—now included with N26 You and Metal

Traveling in times of COVID-19? Be prepared with epidemic and pandemic travel coverage, now available for N26 You and Metal customers.

3 min read

Piggy bank on a pink background.

Your guide to saving during the pandemic

Lockdown has been hard, but it’s also brought with it ample opportunities to save. Read on to discover our 9 top tips for saving during lockdown.

6 min read

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Money in the time of COVID-19: tips for better managing your finances

Handling your money amidst a global crisis isn’t easy—but we’re here to help. Explore our tips on money management during COVID-19.

3 min read

Putting money into a piggy bank.

6 easy ways to save money while you #StayHome

Even in financially challenging times, there are easy ways to spend smart and save more. Here are our 6 best tips on how to save money at home during coronavirus.

6 min read

N26 logo against a turquoise background.

Support Gruppo San Donato with N26

We’ve started a fundraiser to support Gruppo San Donato during COVID-19. Here’s how to contribute.

1 min read

Pink sofa.

N26: we’re here for you, even while you’re at home

During this time, we want to wish you all the best, and reassure you that our banking services remain unchanged.

1 min read

N26 logo against a turquoise background.

COVID-19: latest updates on our customer service availability

We're committed to delivering the best possible customer service experience, despite the ever-changing situation relating to COVID-19. Here's how we're here for you.

1 min read

Contactless payment with a smartphone.

‘Money changes hands frequently:’ WHO advises a move away from banknotes

To increase our safety, the World Health Organization has advised people to reduce their use of physical cash. Here’s why.

2 min read