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Say hello to MoneyBeam instant payments

Streamline the payment process

Forget typing in tricky bank details or long card numbers. MoneyBeam saves you time and effort, by securely storing your contacts’ details in the app. Just click on the person you want to transfer money to, enter the amount and you’re good to go.

How it works

MoneyBeam is an integrated feature available to try now in your N26 app. To get started, make sure you download the latest version of the N26 app.

  1. Click the ‘+’ symbol to open the list of services Asset 1
  2. Choose MoneyBeam and scroll through your list of N26 contacts, or enter the phone number or email address of another N26 user you want to send money to Asset 2
  3. Add a note, and press send Asset 3
  4. You’ll both get a push notification on your phone straight away! Asset 4

How much can I send?

MoneyBeam lets you receive or transfer up to £100 in GBP currency with other N26 users in the UK. You can send as many MoneyBeams as you like up to £500 per day, so it’s easy to make everyday payments big or small, without the time-consuming process of typing card details.

New customers can try out MoneyBeam by signing up for a free N26 account over at