A ferris wheel in the summertime.

Making extra money this summer

From seasonal jobs to side gigs, these are some savvy ways to boost your bank balance during the warmer months.

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Woman looks out from a balcony.

The ultimate staycation guide

Don’t have the budget to travel this summer? No worries — you can plan a dream vacation right in your own city. In this article, we’ll show you how.

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How to have a more sustainable summer

From downsizing our living spaces to limiting our consumption, many of us are trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle

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A crowd watching a performance at a music festival.

Festival season is here — how to set your budget

Attending a festival often costs much more than just the price of a ticket.

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Woman doing sit-ups to improve her fitness and be ready for summer.

5 summer fitness tips to help you stay cool in the heat

Don't let the heat stop you from feeling the burn.

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Woman lying on the boarder of a pool looking at her mobile.

5 ways to keep your phone safe this summer

Don’t let a damaged or stolen phone slow you down this summer. Learn how to protect your smartphone with insurance and more handy tips.

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Three books and sunglasses on a table with a beach background.

Learn these 5 healthy habits to transform your summer

Now’s the perfect time to invest in yourself.

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Top view of a BBQ with sausages, beaf, and vegetables.

Host a summer barbecue on a budget with these 5 hot tips

Entertain your friends this summer—without breaking the bank.

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A couple having a summer date and sitting in the deck of a lake.

Try these 10 flirty summer date ideas on a budget

Break hearts—not the bank.

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