N26 x Lime—Ride green with this limited time special offer

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This fall, N26 has once again paired up with mobility partner Lime to help put our customers back on the road. Cruise around your city easily and sustainably with Lime’s electric scooters, bikes, or mopeds. Right now, for a limited time only, all N26 customers are eligible to receive 2 free months of Lime Prime, Lime’s premium subscription option.

Why Lime Prime?

You already know about Lime’s fleets of electric scooters, bikes, and mopeds conveniently scattered throughout 120 cities worldwide. But did you know that with Lime Prime, vehicle-sharing is easier than ever? Lime Prime members enjoy free unlocks on all Lime vehicles. In cities that already have free unlocks, Lime Prime members get 25% off the total price of their ride.

With Lime Prime, say goodbye to getting stuck in traffic jams, waiting for the bus, and hoping that your delayed train finally rolls in. Reduce your dependency on cars and public transport and ride green, every time.

How to redeem this offer

So, how do you unlock the benefits of Lime Prime? It’s simple. First, you’ll need to open an N26 bank account, if you haven’t already. Then, once your N26 Mastercard is active, follow the steps below.

  1. Download the Lime app

  2. Go to Payment

  3. Tap ‘Add card’

  4. Add your N26 Mastercard as the default payment method

  5. Go to Lime Prime

  6. Make sure the 2 month free trial is highlighted

  7. Confirm sign up

That’s all there is to it! This offer is only valid from September 1, 2021 until October 31, 2021, so make sure you take advantage of it before it’s too late. Ride on!

To learn more, visit this page.

N26 x Lime

Rediscover your city now—ride green with 2 free months of Lime Prime for N26 customers.
Open bank account (new tab)
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