N26 x Lime: getting you where you need to go

With N26, discover urban mobility with an exclusive 50% off your next rides with Lime*!

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We’re always looking for new ways to improve our customers’ lives, whether it's via our intuitive banking app or exclusive partner offers. And we couldn’t be happier to introduce our latest partnership.

From August, N26 is offering you an exclusive 50% off your next trips with Lime, helping you stay flexible and mobile in your day-to-day.

Urban mobility made easy

N26’s new partnership with the world’s leading smart mobility provider gives you the freedom to just get up and go. With Lime’s extensive fleet of electric scooters and bikes, there’s no more sitting in traffic jams, waiting around for the bus or hoping that your delayed train finally rolls in. Reducing your dependency on vehicles and public transport, the micro-mobility app lets you get from A to B, whenever you want and at your own pace.

Just as N26 lets you bank anytime and anywhere—making the experience as simple and streamlined as possible—Lime helps you travel around your city with ease. And to benefit from this offer, you just need your N26 Mastercard and smartphone.

Enjoy your Lime discount with 50% off all rides

So, how does it work? It’s simple. If you don’t have an N26 bank account just yet, you can sign up for one in minutes to benefit from this Lime discount.

For existing N26 customers, all you have to do is open the latest version of the Lime app on your phone, add your N26 card as the payment method and unlock your nearest e-scooter or e-bike. Your N26 discount will be applied automatically so you can benefit from 50% off all Lime trips right away, and ride as much as you want until December 5, 2019.

To learn more, visit this page.

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