Gemini: your financial horoscope

Each of the twelve star signs is associated with certain traits — including Gemini. In this article, you’ll learn what characterizes a Gemini — and how they deal with money.

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Whether you believe in love at first sight or that we’re not alone on this planet, most of us have experienced a sense of wonder at things we just can’t explain. 

Take the zodiac, for example. It’s been part of our culture for over 2,000 years, offering fascinating insights into the human character.  From structure to adventurousness to secret-keeping, each star sign has distinct strengths and behaviors that make it unique — including how they deal with money. And that’s what the N26 x Zodiac series is all about! Each month, we dig into one of the zodiac’s twelve star signs to illuminate its signature traits and money-management habits. This month, we’re looking at social and knowledge-hungry Gemini. Let’s go! 

The Gemini star sign

Those who were born between May 21 and June 21 are under the star sign of Gemini. They are one of the mutable signs, and like Aquarius and Libra, are associated with the element of air. Geminis are located in the third section of the zodiac (60° to 90°), which revolves around the sun’s orbit and is divided into twelve constellations. The star sign itself forms an open triangle whose northeast corners are marked by the especially bright stars Castor and Pollux. 

In Greek mythology, Castor and Polydeukes (Pollux in Latin) were the sons of Leda. Because he was also the son of Zeus, Polydeukes was immortal. Castor, on the other hand, was human — the son of the Spartan king, Tyndareos. One day, the two half-siblings got into a fight, and only Polydeukes emerged alive. Devastated by the loss of his brother, Polydeukes asked Zeus to make Castor immortal. Impressed by Polydeukes’s love and devotion, Zeus granted his wish, immortalizing the brothers in the sky where they can live on forever as twins. 

According to the Greek astrologer and mathematician Claudius Ptolemy, Gemini is a masculine sign and is ruled by the planet Mercury — the smallest planet in our solar system, situated closest to the sun. In Roman mythology, Mercury — or “Mercurius” in Latin — was the god of trade and profit. The ancient Greeks, on the other hand, named him Hermes, messenger of the gods. Mercury possesses great cunning and ingenuity — he knows how to communicate with and persuade people, and is considered to be the patron saint of merchants and thieves. 

Given these two stories, it’s no wonder that the Gemini zodiac sign is said to contain two souls. 

Typical traits of a Gemini 

If there’s a star sign with a real talent for rhetoric, it’s Gemini through and through. Communicative, articulate, and social, people born under this sign have an exceptional desire for interpersonal exchange. Geminis are extremely curious, have diverse and varied interests, and are always searching for the newest trend. Whether it’s sustainable investments or NFT art, Geminis are likely the first to know about it. 

As an air sign, Geminis practically inhale new information and listen more to their heads than their guts. Because they’re passionate about so many things, they rarely go deep into one interest and prefer to keep things diverse. This means they have a massive amount of general knowledge about many different topics and can easily navigate and make connections between different disciplines. In theory, they’d be ideal diplomats — except that they tend to divulge too much information in the heat of the moment! Geminis are also known for embellishing the truth a little, even if it’s just for the sake of entertaining their friends. These social butterflies are most in their element in large groups and love entertaining friends with stories and anecdotes.

It’s worth noting that this description also fits anyone with a Gemini rising sign or a moon in Gemini. So, if you’d like to dive deeper into astrology, use an online calculator to learn where the other planets are in your birth chart. But now, let’s move on to the main characteristics of a Gemini.

Characteristics of a Gemini

As a charming, lively, and optimistic sign, Geminis are bursting with energy. They adjust to new circumstances easily, whether they’re starting a new job or moving to a new country — which, let’s be honest, happens to Geminis regularly! After all, this fluid star sign craves change like a fish needs water. They prefer movement to standing still, and their thirst for knowledge continually propels them out into the world. However, because Geminis have a harder time tuning in to their emotions, they may not always realize when it’s time to take a break — all the more reason to plan their paid vacation ahead of time.

Many people born in Gemini season find their way to self-employment. That’s because their creativity and talent for communication make them ideal business owners.  Whether they’re a successful founder or an in-demand freelancer, Geminis are great multi-taskers and love a no-strings-attached lifestyle. However, they’d be well-advised to bring a pragmatic collaborator into their ventures as well. Like the fiery Aries, Geminis may hop so quickly from one task to the next that they lose sight of the bigger picture. Plus, a Gemini may become easily distracted. Unlike a dedicated and steady Taurus, the twins prefer to dodge obstacles rather than face them head-on. 

When someone with a Gemini star sign feels pressured, they often become nervous and moody. But like Mercury himself, they have luck on their side, including the unique ability to talk their way out of almost any situation. Despite their cerebral nature, Geminis live in the moment and don’t dwell on negativity for too long. How could they, with so many delightful things to explore? Speaking of which, Geminis also prefer to keep their options open, rather than commit fully to one thing — a trait that often extends into the realm of relationships. Again, it’s all about variety here. However, although Geminis are sometimes thought to be superficial or flighty, it isn’t so cut and dry. In fact, many worry so much about making the wrong decision that they prefer not to make one at all. 

As an air sign, a Gemini has strong intellectual prowess, but their profound thoughts might not make sense to those around them. Perhaps this is why Geminis are so fascinated by life’s great mysteries, which attracts them to signs like the passionate Scorpio, the deeply private Libra, or the dreamy Pisces. These star signs give Geminis something to chase or a riddle to solve — their favorite pastime!

Geminis and money

Flexible, social, and well-informed — these are the most important characteristics of a Gemini. But what does this mean in terms of their money management? To get the answer, let’s take a look at the Gemini financial horoscope. 

How does a Gemini deal with money? 

When it comes to money, Geminis like to be independent and crave financial freedom. This is also one reason why Geminis are often so successful, despite their erratic nature. With their flair for new trends and keen perception, they’re likely to know as much about new investment trends as they do about the latest interest rate hikes. In keeping with their nature, they weigh the advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrencies before making a decision to buy — provided they don’t get distracted on the way! Because Geminis are more driven by their heads than their hearts, they don’t care much about material possessions. They tend not to invest in property, opting instead for a car to explore the world in. 

But these twins (appropriately) often have two sides when it comes to money. A sale sign in a shop window or the sweets lining the supermarket checkout aisle can easily grab their attention — making it difficult for Geminis to resist certain impulse buys. If they’re throwing a party, they’ll spring for an abundance of drinks and snacks, regardless of the occasion. And because Geminis are multitaskers who are often pursuing multiple savings goals simultaneously, it’s not uncommon for them to lose track of their objectives. At the end of the day, however, their intellect and good fortune usually prevail, helping them achieve their unique savings goals

Keep a pulse on your finances, no matter what your star sign is 

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