N26 Einsparungen und Überziehungskredite werden in einem Smartphone geöffnet.

Überziehungsrahmen und Festgeld sparen in Österreich

When we launched Savings and Overdraft in Germany, we wanted to give customers more financial options while keeping things simple and digital. After all, features are only useful when they’re easy to access and flexible enough to meet your needs.

Which is why up until now these two features were only available in Germany. But today that’s changing: customers in Austria can now use Savings and Overdraft. We’re extremely excited because this marks our first launch of in-app services outside of Germany and represents a big step for us towards bringing more features to N26 customers everywhere.

What is N26 Savings?

N26 Savings gives you a safe place to put your money while earning interest on it. It’s a fixed-term, high-interest savings plan that you open right in your N26 app without any extra paperwork.

It’s also highly flexible. You can choose the length of the deposit and compare available policies for the best interest rate. And thanks to the EU deposit insurance scheme, your money is guaranteed up to €100.000. It’s really the definition of “set it and forget it.”

What is N26 Overdraft?

What if you could always keep track of your overdraft limits and costs when you need to? Well, that’s N26 Overdraft. With N26 Overdraft, you get an extra financial cushion for when money gets tight at the end of the month. We don’t charge penalties and with an 8,9% yearly interest, you’ll often pay less than a euro if you pay it back by the next month.

You also have complete control over your overdraft limit and can track your interest fees directly in the app. They’re updated daily. We’ll also send you push notifications when your balance slips below zero, so you can better manage the fees.

Both features are seamlessly integrated into the N26 app. Applying for them and confirmation takes minutes and there’s no need for troublesome paperwork.

Give both a try and let us know if you have any suggestions or ideas for improvement at ideas@n26.com

Enjoy, Austria!

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