These 4 freelancers turned their passion into a career

Being a freelancer comes with pros and cons. On one hand, you can organize your own schedule and aren’t tied down to an office. But on the other, it can mean instability and economic uncertainty, and having only yourself to rely on when things get tough.

We wanted to find out what it really means to be self-employed in Italy. We asked 4 freelancers to tell us their experience.

Four young Italian freelancers.

Italy and freelancers—a love story?

According to Fondazione Studi Consulenti del Lavoro, the percentage of young (25–34) Italians who are self-employed climbed to 16.3%*? That’s almost double the European average. What’s driving so many young Italians to forge their own career paths? We asked four freelancers to tell us their stories. They shared what motivates them, their daily challenges, triumphs, and some practical advice for anyone considering freelancing full time. These are their stories.

A young Italian freelancer.

Marco, creative director

Marco, 29, started freelancing by chance, just doing occasional favors for friends who worked in advertising. As more offers started pouring in, he realized he could seize this opportunity to reshape his career. Today, he knows his greatest asset is trust in himself—when he comes up with a strong idea, he follows through on it without a second thought.

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Ekaterina, vintage seller

Ekaterina, 26 is passionate about vintage fashion, and turned it into her full-time career. While attending university, she realized she could earn extra cash by selling second hand pieces. Today, she loves the freedom her freelance life brings her—although she admits it might be nice to have a boss to keep her from procrastinating from time to time!

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A young woman with a camera.
A young Italian freelancer sitting on an armchair.

Luna, set designer and model

Luna, 27, turned her creativity into her business. Design, art, fashion—she maintains a wide range of creative projects to help keep her mind engaged. For her, working as a freelancer means being able to choose her own assignments and who she works with. Her motto? “Try and see.” She knows that following her interests is the best way to figure out what she’s most passionate about, and lets her live her professional and personal life to the fullest.

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Antonio, tattoo artist

Antonio, 28, has always been obsessed with art and graffiti. His job allows him to spend his days doing what he likes most—drawing. As a tattoo artist, he gets to work with new clients who rely on him to interpret their own personal history and create designs on their skin to last a lifetime. He knows that the best way to help him achieve his dreams for the future is to keep following his passion completely.

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A young man wearing a beanie and sitting on an armchair.
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*Source: Wall Street Italia.

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