Jr. Analyst Tamari Tsverikmazashvili.

Team spotlight: Jr. Data Analyst Tamari Tsverikmazashvili on her journey to N26

From Erasmus in Venice to a scholarship in Shanghai, this data analyst experienced her share of adventures prior to joining N26.

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lombard street.

What makes a good engineering manager?

N26 engineering manager Christena Jethwa discusses pathways and resources for developing engineers in management roles.

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Cyber Security Blog Asset 2.

Cyber Security: Interview with Chelsea, our IT Security Analyst

I’m so lucky to have found a position that has not only encouraged significant growth, but which has also enabled me to positively impact the lives of those around me.

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N26 logo against a light blue background.

CEO Blog: Establishing a Works Council at N26

Our CEO Valentin Stalf shares his thoughts on an N26 Works Council and the future of employee representation at N26

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Women x N26 ERG, employees of N26.

Meet our N26 ERGs (Employee Resource Groups)!

The N26 Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are communities of employees who are linked together by personal characteristics and/or share an interest or goal within an organisation.

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N26 logo against a turquoise background.

People Stories: telling the story of our product through our people

In our new content series, we’re chatting to the people of our business to find out how their work brings the N26 product to life.

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Toy sitting at a desk.

Parents’ New Reality — Working From Home with Kids (and How to Survive It)

Now, the family is home for an unknown period of time, with a restriction on leaving the house and seeing friends… let chaos reign!

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plant wall with inspirational neon message.

Keeping a healthy work-life balance while working from home

Here are some easy work from home tips to get you started on rocking a healthy work-life balance in a remote setup.

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N26 Twitter Card Image.

CEO Blog: Grooming the next generation of global entrepreneurs

At N26, we pride ourselves on encouraging innovation, disruption and an entrepreneurial spirit as almost a school for entrepreneurs.

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Header of the blog post about N26 2018 milestones.

2018! What a year…

Find out what we achieved in 2018 on our path to build a bank the world loves to use.

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N26 app, glasses, passport and a laptop.

My relocation experience at N26

“Welcome to N26” this was the subject header of my email which contained my offer letter...

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