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Yes we bank, with N26—women’s empowerment meets finance

Women’s empowerment meets finance: At N26, everyone has access to flexible banking, innovative features and more.

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International Women’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate women’s empowerment and fight discrimination. However, the fight for gender equality shouldn’t end on March 8, but continue year round, forging a more equitable world for everyone.

The truth is, sexism is still prevalent across all walks of life, including in the world of finance. It ranges from common tropes, such as comments about women being “bad with money” to people being shocked at, or even resentful, of a woman’s financial success. 

Regardless of your gender, feeling comfortable when it comes to your finances is extremely important. In fact, our overall well-being is heavily influenced by our financial wellness—yet far too many women feel uncomfortable even discussing the topic. Finances have long been deemed a man’s business—and this line of thinking still permeates public or private discourse. This needs to change. That’s why we partnered up with  3 incredible women from Germany.

Fitness guru Anne, lifestyle influencer Melisa, and finance expert Celine will produce content for their more than 400,000 followers in the coming week, offering them a glimpse into their everyday finances.

Easy, flexible, and accessible banking

Everyone handles money differently. That’s why N26 offers you an easy, flexible, and innovative banking experience. Whether you want to reach your savings goals faster, better understand your spending behaviors, or make the most of your money, you’re in the driver’s seat with N26. Read on to learn more about how we help you manage your money.

Get to know your finances better

Knowledge is power! We know that education is particularly important when it comes to female empowerment. The same goes for banking—the first step to making more solid financial decisions is to gain a better understanding of your finances overall. And while learning some banking basics is great—like how the system works and why banks charge fees—it’s equally important to understand your own spending behavior. After all, the best way to cultivate a healthy relationship to money is to recognize how and why you spend it. 

There are a number of helpful methods to get started, like creating excel sheets or using budgeting apps. With N26, you can access all the saving tools you need in just one app. With Statistics, your spending is automatically categorized and displayed in an interactive pie chart. This way, you always know how much money you’re spending on what, and where you could feasibly cut back.

Saving strategies

It’s no one’s favorite topic, but saving is an important part of money management. One helpful time is to visualize your goals. Dreaming of buying a car? To start saving, first calculate how much you’ll need. Then, make a note of what you're saving for, how much you need to put aside, and when you want to reach make the purchase. To make it easier, add a picture of your dream car—the more visuals, the better.

Digital tools have made it easier to put money aside than ever before—even right from your smartphone. With N26 you can create and personalize Spaces sub-accounts designed to help you budget and save with just a few taps. This way, you’ll always see how close you are to reaching your savings goal.

Just like with mental health, fitness, and nutrition, developing new habits  will help you reach your goals faster. Unsurprisingly, this also applies to saving. Even small changes can lead to big results. That’s why we developed Round-Ups. When you activate this feature, we’ll automatically round up every card payment to the nearest euro and transfer the spare change to your chosen space. Saving money by spending it? Yes please. 

The bank account that gives you more control

Spend and save with confidence, and discover a better way to manage your money
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Make your money work for you

Already saved some money and want to see it grow? Time to invest. However, whether it’s real estate, stock shares or crypto currencies you’re looking for, it’s important to do your research before taking the plunge. Don’t be intimidated by the complexity of it all—there are plenty of great resources, such as clever girl finance, that help demystify the process.

Spoiler alert—you’ll soon be able to access investment products in your N26 app.

A bank account that gives back

Your N26 bank account has even more to offer. As an N26 customer, you have access to special partner offers and deals with world-renowned brands. Get discounts on Amorelie products or update your wardrobe with new gear from Reebok . And there’s more—Tibber, Dropbox, and FreeNow are just a few examples of our ever-expanding partner discount offers, so make sure to check your N26 app regularly.  

Women’s empowerment is a topic we need to shed light on more than once a year. That’s why we’ve decided to dedicate more time to this important issue by introducing our new blog series “Yes We Bank”. Stay tuned!

N26—banking for every woman

N26 makes banking easy and mobile. Opening an account only takes 8 minutes and involves zero paperwork. Discover unique features and more in your N26 app. Want to invest in your finances? With our premium bank accounts, you’ll not only get a contactless debit Mastercard, but also access to tons of exclusive features. Which bank account fits you and your needs best? Find out by comparing our plans!

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