image showing a woman as a bouncer wearing a N26 jacket.

Security you can bank on

Security Explained Simply

New to these complex security topics? Let us explain them.

A fisherman explains phishing

Who better than a fisherman to explain phishing attacks? Reel in his tips to protect yourself.

A magician explains card fraud

Abracadabra! Watch as a magician pulls back the curtain on card fraud and how you can guard against it.

A flight attendant explains travel scams

Buckle up and watch our flight attendant explain how to avoid travel scams the simple way.

A bouncer explains two-step verification

Our bouncer knows a thing or two about security. Watch her break down two-step verification in plain language.

A weather reporter explains cloud security

Wondering what cloud security has in common with predicting the weather? Our reporter makes it easy to grasp.

Our security features keep your money and data simply secure.

Here’s how.

Image showing a mobile phone with N26 spaces app inside a security badge.

More than an app: 
A fully licensed bank

N26 is a fully licensed German bank. That means we have the same security regulations as any other bank. It also means your funds are protected up to €100,000 by the German Deposit Protection Scheme. But our security measures don't stop there.

Secure banking designed for today

Fully hosted in the cloud, we use artificial intelligence and machine learning to protect your account, fight financial crime and card fraud. It’s security technology you can trust.

image showing a mobile phone with N26 virtual card inside a security badge.
image showing a mobile phone making a contactless payment with N26 virtual card inside a security badge.

You can always pay it safe

From biometric authentication to extra layers of protection like 3D Secure, you can always spend confidently with N26. Want extra peace of mind? Your account can only be paired with your own smartphone, and you get real-time push notifications on all account activity — no surprises.

Your money is in safe hands — yours

Get full control over the security of your account with customizable settings in your N26 app. Lock and unlock your card, change your PIN, set spending limits, and hide your sensitive data from prying eyes — instantly and effortlessly. It’s security your way.

Transparent N26 Standard card.
N26 You card, Petrol.

N26 — Simply Secure

At N26, security is a priority. Which is why, no matter which account you have, it’s always protected by innovative security measures and features.

How N26 keeps you and your money safe

woman holding a cell phone.

Deposit protection scheme: why your money is protected

Looking for reassurance that your money is protected? Deposit protection schemes help secure the money in your bank account.

secure banking.

Money laundering: how banks stay one step ahead of criminal activity

Money laundering accounts for billions each year. Here’s how banks fight back with anti-money laundering processes to detect suspicious activity.

A green balloon that has cactus spikes on it.

5 tips for secure mobile banking

From deactivating bluetooth to locking your screen, we’ve got 5 essential tips for you to enjoy mobile banking with peace of mind.

Security at N26

What do I need to open a free bank account with N26?

  • Be over the age of 18
  • Live in an eligible country
  • Have your own smartphone
  • Not yet have an online account with N26
  • Have a valid ID

Is the free bank account with N26 a euro account?

What is the N26 bank account (euro account) for Switzerland?