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Banking Basics: your guide to EU banking acronyms
What is freelancing and how does it work?
What is crypto staking and how does it work?
What is crypto mining?
What is a crypto wallet?
What is a blockchain?
What Is Bitcoin and How Does It Work?
Is cryptocurrency safe? Things to be aware of
What is cryptocurrency? A guide for beginners
10 popular types of cryptocurrency and how they work
The pros and cons of cryptocurrency: A guide for new investors
What is an NFT?
Tax relief–how different European countries tax working from home
Trip cancellation insurance—why you might need it
Cybersecurity and operational resilience: challenges for the financial sector
N26 x herMoney – How women can combat old-age poverty by investing early
N26 x finance, baby! on how women can take charge of their financial futures
Tokenization of financial assets
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Trading vs. Investing: Understanding the Key Differences
Yes we bank, with N26—women’s empowerment meets finance
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N26 x FinMarie—managing your money in times of crisis
N26 x Patrizia Laeri—how to combat the gender money gap
N26 x Finanzfreundinnen: how to kickstart building wealth
N26 x Vitamin—why financial literacy is so important
Bear market: This is what it means
Bull markets: What they mean for your money
Always want to be in the know? You’ve got a lot in common with mindful Marco
How much do freelancers make? A guide to the average freelancer salary
Why is personal branding important: Top tips for your freelance business
4 of the best freelance platforms to support & grow your business
How to set freelance rates & decide your pricing
10 in-demand types of freelance jobs you can land tomorrow
Freelance portfolio: What is it and how to build it from scratch
How to kick-start your freelance career
How to get clients as a freelancer | Find freelance work
How to become a freelancer: a step-by-step guide
What is an emergency and rainy day fund? Here’s how to set one up
N26 x Philips — Get up to 25% off home appliances
Want to go 100% digital? Say hello to N26 Standard
How to read crypto charts on N26
How to buy cryptocurrency with N26
Budgeting for freelancers: a how-to guide
Can I get a free business bank account as a freelancer?
How to register as a freelancer: All you need to know
N26 x NordVPN — Save big on your VPN plan
When should you start freelancing?
Why become a freelancer? Here’s why freelancing is a fantastic career choice
Banking Basics: getting started
N26 now has 500.000 customers
How to keep your money safe when you shop online
Banking Basics: ATM fees
A brief guide to universal basic income
Smurfing: Don’t become a money mule!
What is a money mindset?
Pay from a Space with your N26 card
5 tips for secure mobile banking
How do you create a strong, secure password?
Looking ahead: Temporary changes to N26’s onboarding of new customers
Digital banking is here to stay
Get N26 Income Sorter—the automatic way to save every time you get paid
Budgeting tools to get your finances on track in 2020
Debit card fraud—what you need to know
N26 Spaces—all the features of your flexible sub-accounts
Introducing Split the Bill—split expenses with friends and family right from your N26 app
Take control of your spending with N26 Insights
There’s a subscription for that
N26 x Freeletics—your personal trainer in your pocket
N26 x Westwing—upgrade your home interiors
Accept payments anywhere—save on SumUp Air card readers with N26 Perks
How COVID-19 has impacted the European economy
The rise of the gig economy has changed the way we work forever
How to open a bank account in Norway
How to open a bank account in Luxembourg
N26 x Dropbox—put your creative energy to work
Here’s how to open a bank account in Poland
How to open a bank account in Switzerland
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Online Christmas shopping: the ultimate guide
How do you move to another country? 6 steps to get you ready for moving abroad
Introducing N26 Smart and Business Smart—helping you spend and save with confidence
N26's Complete Guide to Secure Online Banking
Learn from founders – how Vincent went from employee to co-founder of Feather
The Big Banking Chat: is your bank doing all of this?
The Big Banking Chat: here’s how N26 fits around you
The Big Banking Chat: your questions answered
The Big Banking Chat: lifting the lid on hidden fees and charges
The Big Banking Chat: what are the biggest frustrations with banking?
It’s finally here! N26 turns on Dark Mode
The Big Banking Chat: find your financial tribe
The Big Banking Chat: answering common banking questions
The Big Banking Chat: How to talk to your bank
The Big Banking Chat: What banking jargon really means
The Big Banking Chat—we’re all worried about money
Looking to maximize your finances? You’ll find a lot to discuss with cash-conscious Caroline
Looking for a bank as fast-paced and flexible as you? Then you might share Culture-Guru Clara’s wanderlust
Think your bank should stay out your life until you need it? Day-dreaming David is your spirit animal
Ready to make some big financial decisions? Learn from Logical Lucas
Trying to make all the right decisions, but never getting help from your bank? Responsible Rosa knows your pain
Forever counting down to payday? You might be a spontaneous Sara
N26 raises more than $100 million in extension of its Series D funding
We’re in this together—explore N26’s perks and discounts to enjoy from home
The Big Banking Chat—it’s time to talk money
What is financial wellness? Here’s how to improve your relationship with your money
Personal financial planning—tips on setting yourself up for the future
6 tips on how to support your local businesses
Instant banking with N26—use your new card to make payments before it even arrives
9 budgeting apps to help your money go further
Working from home the N26 way—6 tips to make the most out of your home office
How to stay productive—7 useful apps to help you stay focused and motivated
Corona aid package: support for the self-employed and freelancers
Leaving the UK does not change our global vision to transform retail banking for the better
Tips for secure online banking
5 million customers in 5 years—N26 celebrates another record-breaking milestone
Here’s how N26 is building a simple, beautiful user-experience for the 21st century
Create your own Rules on N26 Spaces
Real-time banking is real easy with N26
Google Pay is here in Switzerland!
N26 celebrates its 26th market launch
Shared Spaces Beta: a new way to share money
N26 is now one of the highest valued FinTechs globally
Our US Journey Begins Today
Which university should I go to in Europe?
Foreign transaction fees to look out for when using your debit card abroad
13 hidden fees in banking to be aware of
Here’s how we’re building the most reliable customer service in the world
Save money: everyday habits that can help you (and the planet)
It’s official, we’re celebrating 3.5 million customers!
Six holiday accommodation options to suit your budget
Investing into our excellent team - N26 to open new Tech Hub in Vienna
Announcing $300 million in Series D funding round and reaching 2.3 million customers
2018! What a year…
What’s social engineering? Here’s how to protect yourself from it and keep your account secure
Three colors, all Metal: meet the next evolution of our Metal cards
We’re number one! N26 voted #1 German startup to work for in LinkedIn competition
Against all odds: the trials of getting our banking license
Simplify your finances with Spaces: our new way to organize your money
How 1 million N26 customers transact €1 billion a month
Announcing our $160 million Series C funding round and 850k+ customers
What is PSD2 and what does it mean for me?
What to do if you receive phishing emails and scam texts