Cancer: Your financial horoscope

Cancer star signs are sensitive and caring, but how do they manage their finances? Learn this and more here!

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From Aries to Pisces, a person’s star sign is said to speak volumes about their personality — and might impact their financial habits, too. The 12 zodiac signs date back to antiquity, when they were linked to Greek mythology. The elements of air, water, fire, and earth also played a role in the interpretation of the star signs, which can be designated as fixed, flexible, or cardinal. 

To what extent the constellations of the stars, planets, and elements actually influence our character, we might never know for sure. However, it can be eerie for some people how much they recognize their own character traits when reading about their star signs. No matter what you believe, becoming familiar with your astrological chart can offer some fascinating suggestions for how you can understand yourself and your behavior more deeply. That’s why each month, N26’s Zodiac series takes a close look at one of the 12 zodiac signs, digging into how they tick — and how they deal with money. This month, we’re looking at the sensitive and nurturing sign of Cancer!

The sign of Cancer

Just like the other zodiac signs, Cancer is based on a star constellation. This constellation is especially dim, making it more difficult to spot in the night sky than some of its neighbors. Although the name “Cancer” has Latin roots, the Cancer constellation was discovered 5,000 years ago in ancient Egypt. At that point, it symbolized a tortoise, but it was later re-interpreted by the Greeks as a crab. As legend has it, Carcinos, a sea creature, was killed by the demigod Heracles in a battle against Hydra. In recognition, Hera, the queen of the gods, gave Carcinos a place in the night sky. 

Cancer is on the fourth axis of the ecliptic, located between Gemini and Leo at around 90-120°. The sun passes through its migration between June 22nd and July 22nd. That means that if your birthday occurs during this time, your sun sign is Cancer. However, the exact time and location of your birth reveal much more about your personality. That’s because your astrological chart also looks at where planets like Mercury and Uranus were at the moment of your birth. For example, you may be a Cancer rising, which means your outward presentation to the world is as a Cancer. Or you may be a Cancer moon, meaning you relate to your emotions and your body as a Cancer does — and so on.  

According to Greek astrologer and astronomer Claudius Ptolemy, who lived 2,000 years ago, Cancers have a feminine energy and are ruled by the moon. The moon symbolizes the hidden, emotional world — think of how its gravitational forces influence the earth’s ebb and flow. Cancer is also tied to the element of water, which is associated with fluidity, emotionality, liveliness, and change. So, it’s only fitting that Cancers are one of the signs most likely to bring about change in their own lives. 

What’s a Cancer like?

 If each star sign had their own song, Cancer would be playing “What A Feeling” on repeat. Just like the sensitive Pisces, Cancers are guided by their emotions. So, it’s no wonder that many Cancers are described as moody, as they may have trouble concealing their feelings. From euphoria to boredom to deep frustration, this star sign’s emotions are often written all over their faces — and these may change on a whim. 

More rational signs like Virgo or Capricorn might get annoyed with this sensitive sign, but others revere Cancers for their deep well of feelings. Plus, cardinal signs like Cancer know how to seamlessly navigate their emotions and even use them to their benefit — some say that Cancers can cry on demand to get their way when they want something. But like many signs, the character traits of a Cancer are more complex than what meets the eye.

Cancer character traits 

Perhaps because Cancers tend to be emotional, they also have strong intuition. Unlike cerebral Geminis, those born under the sign of Cancer often make decisions based on their gut. They aren’t just governed by their own feelings, but by those of others as well, meaning they’re great mediators in the event of a dispute. Family is profoundly important to Cancers — when they love, they love with their whole being. Many dream of a romantic wedding, having children, and creating a comfortable home. Cancers also bring the same devotion to their small but close-knit circle of friends. 

Cancers are known for their empathy, ability to communicate effectively, and caring nature. They tend to be more introverted than they appear at first glance. These little crabs are dreamers, and they often harbor secrets. They also need plenty of time alone to process their feelings and regain their energy. Once they replenish their reserves, they can go out into the world and greet people with their characteristic warmth and connective nature. 

Although Cancers are associated with the element of water and consider emotions to be their super power, this star sign is actually more ambitious and goal-oriented than you might suspect. If they’ve made a resolution or set an objective, Cancers are determined to work hard and achieve their goal. Yet unlike a Taurus who rarely lets anything get in their way, Cancers are more likely to stumble on the road to success. For example, Cancers can have trouble dealing with criticism and may feel melancholy or pessimistic at times. This makes them similar to Scorpios — another water sign equipped with vicious claws.

Speaking of claws: Even though Cancers are especially loving, they have a sharp side to them as well. The deadliest weapon this star sign wields is their tendency to sink into resentment and sulk. Indeed, anyone who offends a Cancer may end up waiting in vain for a reconciliation. This is important to know, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. Cancers can be jealous, nitpicky, and have an uncanny memory for who said what, when, and how. 

Cancers and money

So, strong feelings, deep intuition, and a drive to care for others: How does all this translate into a Cancer’s money-management skills? Let’s dig in and find out. 

How does a Cancer deal with money?

A word to the wise: Never ask a Cancer about their salary. This secretive star sign prefers to keep financial matters to themselves. In a professional context, Cancers are often able to compartmentalize and keep their emotions in check. The combination of their professional demeanor and strong intuition means that Cancers often achieve notable professional success and may do quite well for themselves financially. From working as a manager in a large company to being an entrepreneur, Cancers excel in a wide variety of positions and sectors where they can capitalize on their interpersonal skills. 

This zodiac sign craves financial stability and often starts saving and investing at an early age. That’s why Cancers tend to be on the frugal side, putting a bit away each month for a rainy day. Cancers may worry that they won’t have enough saved up for retirement, despite coveting a substantial nest egg. It might be challenging for a Cancer to sit back and enjoy their life without worrying about their financial future. However, they can help a more impulsive sign like an Aries keep an eye on their finances and save for a rainy day.

When it comes to managing their finances in a relationship, Cancer’s concerns about scarcity and fear of old-age poverty can make them a difficult partner to manage finances with. Similar to Taureans, Cancers prefer to stay in control of their own finances to be on the safe side. What’s more, given this sign’s penchant for holding a grudge, any strain put on the household budget by their partner won’t be soon forgotten. But at the end of the day, when a Cancer is in charge of the finances, they’ll always do their best to put their family’s financial wellbeing first. 

However, despite their discipline, some Cancers have a tendency to spend more than they’d like. Shopping, sweets, or other indulgences tend to calm this moody sign down when they’re feeling stressed. 

Take charge of your finances, no matter what your sign is

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