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The strategist loves a plan: learn more about this financial persona here.

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Love having a plan and sticking to it? Then you’re a Strategist through and through. From your inbox to your bank accounts, you’ve got everything organized — and a clear plan of action for your financial future.

The Strategist’s finances

As a Strategist, financial planning comes easily to you. In fact, having things in order is kind of your thing. While your financial ambitions might not be too wild, you most likely have a five-year plan and know the best ways to grow your money. You’re also likely up to speed on all the latest macroeconomic trends and current affairs.

Strategists love to have things under control. You don’t take pleasure in the unknown—but being organized gives you a sense of comfort. You might feel responsible for other family members, and take pride in using your strategic skills to help them where they need it. You value quality over trends, so your spending isn’t sporadic or impulsive. Spending money spontaneously can actually be difficult for you, and you may struggle with personal or economic upheaval that throws off your plans. But overall, your knack for financial planning makes you feel stable — and you’re an empowering example to others.

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As Strategist, you’re most likely to:

  • Have a multi-tab spreadsheet with your five-year plan, savings goals, and short-, medium-, and long-term objectives.
  • Double as a life coach for your friends and family, offering money tips and general life advice.

Tips and tricks for the Strategist

  • Try being more spontaneous, but make the occasional splurge part of your overall strategy — like setting up an “enjoyment fund” for fun purchases throughout the month.
  • To avoid anxiety about changes in the economy, give yourself a break from the news now and then — and be mindful about what you can and can’t control.

The best match for a Strategist

You might find it difficult to be with someone who isn’t as strategic and future-oriented as you are. Even if you’re the one with the organizational know-how, finding someone who shares your long-term vision is key to a happy partnership.

N26 tips for Strategists

  • As a lover of facts and figures, get important info with N26 Insights on how, when, and where you spend. This feature breaks down your spending into categories and tracks your income and expenses — no spreadsheets required!
  • Even shopping can be a rewarding experience with N26. Our Business accounts offer up to .5% cashback on all card purchases, so you can spend and save at the same time.
  • Make solid spending decisions and enjoy the discounts, benefits, and rewards of our N26 Metal account.

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