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A reading progress bar, estimated reading time tags, and a whole lot more. The Website Product Team takes us behind the scenes of N26 Blog's recent facelift.
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Is there anything as intensely satisfying as a great makeover? You know the ones—where you can’t help but say “Wow!” when the stunning new look is revealed.At N26, improving your user experience to be as smooth and intuitive as possible is always our biggest priority. So when some of our colleagues saw an opportunity to completely overhaul our blog design to ensure better readability, that’s just exactly what they did. Always been curious about how products and features are developed at N26? We asked the Website Product Team for a sneak-peek into the process of their latest launch—the newly revamped N26 Blog design. 

Why was the N26 Blog redesigned?

Nathan, our Product Designer leading this project, joined N26 in January 2020. Following a swift onboarding period, the new blog design was the first large project that he spearheaded.“As a company, we have so many amazing and exciting things happening, from new features, to updates, and brand partnerships. We also have loads of incredible content to help people bank safer, and live healthier and happier lives,” he told us. “But our blog just wasn’t doing justice to any of this. For me, this was one of the reasons I was pleased to relaunch the blog—to be finally able to showcase all the amazing work that we’re doing here at N26.”But only if it had been that straightforward. A new blog design wasn’t the only goal of the project. “We had to make sure to implement SEO best practices, while also allowing many different types of content to be published. And of course, it’d have to be a simple, intuitive interface that would lead to an accessible and inclusive experience,” explains Emilie, our website Product Manager. “So, we stuck our heads together to get our creative juices flowing, and mapped out all the requirements, suggestions and ideas from different teams. Among others, we had colleagues from user research, design, SEO, and the content teams guiding us through different phases of the project.”

A unique look brings invisible challenges

Whenever a product is launched or revamped, there are usually quite a lot of visual changes that users can easily spot—and hopefully, enjoy. It brings a fresh look, and a whole lot of new features to explore. But what most people don’t realize is that there’s actually a substantial amount of work that happens behind the scenes, which can go unnoticed.“A huge chunk of my work was invisible, and that was for sure the most challenging part for me,” describes Adiya, one of the web developers involved in the revamping process. “Not only did we redesign the blog, but we also changed up the way that the content is authored. This meant that already existing blog posts had to be migrated to the new structure. The migration was nerve-wracking, but without this change, many features would have been impossible.”Plus, product evolution and scalability were key, Emilie explains. “We’ve now taken the blog from the first iteration that we had on our website, to a much more sustainable, flexible and forward-thinking design.” Of course, there’s no such thing as a final product in the digital sphere. And while there’s no doubt that our website and blog designs will continue to adapt and evolve over time, we are proud to present the new and improved version of the N26 Blog.

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Final thoughts from the Website Product Team

Not sure which new blog feature you fancy the most? We asked the Website Product Team to pick out their personal favorites—and as it turns out, there are a few superstar features that are clearly loved by all.“What I love most about the new blog is actually the process we took to achieve this result, and the takeaways we gained from it. It was a really collaborative project that brought its own learnings, but as a whole, it helped lay a foundation for how well we can work together across teams on initiatives moving forward. And I love how insanely fast everything loads!” 🚀– Nathan, Product Designer“How a large amount of information is encapsulated into a beautiful package—that’s one of the best parts.”– Antti, Web Developer“I love the new overview page of the blog, and the design details our team worked so hard on—like the line at the top of the page that shows you how much of the article you’ve read.”– Agi, SEO specialist“There are a few favorites, like mentioning the expected reading time to the reader, the capacity to check related content seamlessly, or the clean aesthetics of the blog’s home and category pages. But personally, I love the option to navigate through the N26 website using anchor text in the blog, which is also a great way to improve SEO friendliness and the overall user experience.”– Sergi, Head of SEO“If I'm honest, I like everything—but especially all the small details that make it delightful to me! Like the progress bar on blog posts, the tiny tags that tell you the estimated reading time, or how the pictures on the blog overview "pop" when you hover over them.”– Adiya, Web DeveloperWhat’s your favorite feature of our new blog design? Reach out to us at @N26 to let us know—we’re always excited to hear from you.

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