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What is a banking license?

In 2016, N26 was granted a full banking license by the European Central Bank. Discover what that means for our customers today.

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N26 x adidas—whatever your goal, we’ll keep you on trac.

N26 x adidas—whatever your goal, we’ll keep you on track

At N26, we want you to go further. That’s why we’ve partnered with adidas to bring you an offer on the sportswear brand’s apparel.

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Money management made easy—getting back to normality with N26

As we gradually return to our old habits, N26’s money management features are here to help you do so with minimal fuss.

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N26 raises more than $100 million in extension of its Series D funding

We’re celebrating an extension of our Series D funding round! Find out what this means, and where we aim to go from here.

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Support Gruppo San Donato with N26

We’ve started a fundraiser to support Gruppo San Donato during COVID-19. Here’s how to contribute.

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We’re tailoring our product to our Italian customers

Since our launch in Italy in 2017, it’s been quite a journey. Find out all about our latest initiatives dedicated to our Italian customers for 2020.

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N26 x Headspace partnership.

N26 x Headspace—focus on what matters

Your mind and your money matter. As an N26 You and Metal customer, enjoy a free, 3-month Headspace subscription. Learn more.

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N26: we’re here for you, even while you’re at home

During this time, we want to wish you all the best, and reassure you that our banking services remain unchanged.

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COVID-19: latest updates on our customer service availability

We're committed to delivering the best possible customer service experience, despite the ever-changing situation relating to COVID-19. Here's how we're here for you.

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N26 x Rentalcars.com––travel smarter, hassle-free

Get more out of your holiday. N26 customers can now get a 15% discount off all Rentalcars.com car rentals. Find out how.

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Our first 5 million customers.

5 million customers in 5 years—N26 celebrates another record-breaking milestone

We’ve made it to 5 million customers! Here’s what this important milestone means for The Mobile Bank.

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