N26 Savings – Open a savings account on your phone

With N26 Savings, you can open a savings account directly in the N26 app and earn up to 1.48% in interest. Let your money dust itself off and work for you.

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Earn up to 1,48% interest

Your money is deposited at one of our partner banks, allowing you to benefit from interest rates of up to 1,48%.

Deposit Protection - Icon - N26 Savings

Deposit protection of up to €100.000

The national deposit guarantee schemes ensure a protection of up to 100.000€ per person and savings account

Minimum Deposit - Icon - N26 Savings

Minimum deposit of €2.000

One-time deposit of a fixed sum, starting at €2.000 up to €100.000.

For a minimum of 3 Months

Set it and forget it. Choose between a deposit lengths of 3 to 60 months.

Open a savings account online in minutes

Open your savings account directly from your phone, without any paperwork. With confirmation in minutes, N26 Savings is the fastest way to start earning interest on your money.

The best interest rates curated for you

We show you the plan with the highest interest rate by default. Compare plans between several of our European partner banks so you know you're getting the best deal possible.

Curated Banks - N26 Savings

A marketplace with more choices

We only collaborate with partner banks that offer the best interest rates and offer paperless service.

Deposit Protection- N26 Savings

Deposit protection under EU law

Deposits of up to €100.000 are protected by EU law in all EU member states. Regardless of your chosen bank, your money is in safe hands.

How do I open an N26 Savings account?

Open your N26 app and swipe left to the Savings tab and tap on N26 Savings. Choose the length of your plan and the provider. Set it and send it. You’ll get it back in the future.

Step by Step guide
How to open - N26 Savings

No N26 bank account yet?

Open an N26 bank account on your phone or computer in an easy, paperless signup process and start saving today.

Frequently asked questions

How does a fixed savings account work?

A fixed savings account means you make a one-time deposit for a fixed amount of time, and it collects interest over that time. You can’t withdraw the money until that time period ends, but you’ll get your deposit plus guaranteed interest back. You can decide how much you want to deposit within a minimum of €2.000 to a maximum of €100.000. You can also choose the duration between 3 months and 60 months.

Can I access the money before the term ends?

If you open a fixed term savings plan, you will not be able to withdraw the money before the term ends. That’s part of the reason why banks are willing to pay higher interest rates for these savings plans. You will get all your money and accumulated interest in one payout at the end of the term.

Where can I see the progress of my savings plan?

You can always see the status of your savings plan in the savings section of the N26 app. You can easily access all the information you need, like the amount of money you put into the plan, what interest you’ll earn, when your plan ends and how much you’ll receive.