The Thrifter

If you love bargain hunting and saving every dime, you may be a Thrifter. Learn about this financial persona, along with money-management tips and tricks here!
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Is saving and bargain-hunting what you live for? The most money-mindful of all personas, as a Thrifter, you take a measured approach to spending and saving.

The Thrifter’s finances

Some may call you frugal, but you’re simply on a mission to keep your spending in check. In an age of hyper-consumption, your thriftiness is a major asset—you can easily resist the urge to splurge. Perhaps you experienced some financial anxiety in your life, or struggled with income insecurity—or, maybe you just enjoy the challenge of setting aside more than you spend. Regardless of why, you have a strong sense of financial responsibility and you prioritize future security over short-term satisfaction. While they may be perceived as stingy, Thrifters actually care deeply about the financial security of their loved ones. In fact, treating your friends and family may bring you more joy than spending money on yourself. Taking financial risks might also be difficult — whether in terms of prioritizing your needs or investing to grow your wealth. Our advice? Treat yourself now and then and experiment with being a bit more adventurous with your money, while still celebrating your exceptional saving abilities.

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As a Thrifter, you’re most likely to:

  • Have a large sum of money in your savings account (or hidden in your sock drawer).
  • Know the best places in town for a cheap but delicious dinner, a discounted show, or other fun activities that won’t break the bank.

Tips and tricks for the Thrifter

  • Take some calculated financial risks. Try moving a small amount from your savings to an investment account, or using a credit card that offers cashback on your purchases.
  • Enjoy yourself now and then! Book a holiday, go to the party, buy that dress—we all need a little luxury sometimes.

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The best match for the Thrifter

You’re a no-frills kind of dater — wining and dining won’t impress you. Instead, you’ll likely be drawn to someone who also appreciates the simple things in life. And as a Thrifter, you’re likely pragmatic and fair, preferring to split shared expenses 50/50.

N26 tips for Thrifters

  • Try N26 Monthly Wrap-Up to get a detailed snapshot of your spending and saving during the month — right in the Insights section of your N26 app.
  • Invest in the things you love and save while doing it with N26 Perks! Sign up for any of our premium accounts and get discounts on your favorite brands.
  • To divide things up fairly with the people you love, try Shared Spaces. These virtual piggy banks help you stash your cash away bit by bit for the shared goals that matter most to you.

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