Introducing N26 Smart and Business Smart—helping you spend and save with confidence

Say hello to our latest premium bank account subscriptions, packed with our most iconic features. Discover crowd-favorite tools that help you spend and save with confidence.
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We’re always striving to improve the way you manage your money, and our new bank accounts do just that. Say hello to N26 Smart and N26 Business Smart—packed with our most iconic, powerful money management features to help you spend and save with confidence.Alongside all the features already offered in our free N26 Standard and N26 Business bank accounts, these latest additions will give you even more control over your money—all at the great value of €4.90 a month! Discover what’s new, and how to upgrade, below:

Spend with a colorful Mastercard

With type: embedded-entry-inline id: 7f49f3xdP9sU4TXAtY8xvO and type: embedded-entry-inline id: 2K1hZDJZ4maflWV5o1eEjY, you’ll now have the chance to choose from 5 colors for your Mastercard debit card—Ocean, Sand, Rhubarb, Aqua or Slate. Pick an aesthetic that best represents you, and even order a spare for a small extra fee in case you can’t decide on one.Regardless of whether it’s the personal or business account, you’ll also get 5 free ATM withdrawals every month, free payments in any currency, and zero foreign transaction fees while spending abroad.

Customer Support—over the phone!

Need help with making a transfer, or just want to ask a question? Alongside reaching our Customer Support specialists via the in-app chat, N26 Smart and Business Smart customers can now pick up the phone and give us a call on the premium customer hotline. After all, we get it—sometimes you’d much rather just speak to a real human being.

Save and budget with Spaces sub-accounts

Saving up for a new car, or need to set aside funds for an upcoming tax payment? Both N26 Smart and N26 Business Smart accounts now also come with 10 Spaces sub-accounts that sit alongside your main account. Simply create a Space, give it a name, then set a goal and drag-and-drop funds over from your main balance—all  in a matter of seconds. And if you find yourself forgetting to stash your money, no stress—just set up Rules to move specific amounts over automatically, as often as you’d like.Whether you’re saving up for one common goal with friends and family, or setting aside money for an upcoming project with business partners, Shared Spaces also makes it easy to manage funds together with others. As a premium customer, you’ll be able to invite up to 10 other N26 customers to a Shared Space, be it your housemates, your business partner, family, or loved ones. 

Save up with Spaces

Use N26 Spaces sub-accounts to easily organize your money and save up for your goals.

Discover sub-accounts
Different N26 spaces to save money.

Round-Ups for behind-the-scenes saving

Still need an extra nudge to make your savings grow? We’ve got you covered. Reach your financial goals even faster with Round-Ups. This feature allows you to “round-up” your card purchases to the nearest euro, and transfer the difference to a space. This way, the more you spend, the more you also save. Saving with N26 has never been easier.

Insights for an overview of your spending

Not quite sure how you’re getting through your paycheck so fast? Or maybe you just want to know what you spend on groceries each month. Thanks to N26 Smart and Business Smart’s Insights feature—our AI-powered tool that automatically categorizes each payment—learn where you’re spending the money. Get a breakdown of your expenses in a clever overview, and learn to budget confidently along the way.

And there’s more to come...

N26 Smart and N26 Business Smart are only the first in a series of exciting changes to our bank accounts. Stay tuned to see how N26 Standard, N26 You and N26 Metal evolve over the coming months!

Open a bank account in minutes

In the meantime, tap into your new premium benefits with N26 Smart or N26 Business Smart—for only €4.90 a month. To upgrade, simply open your N26 app, head to the Explore tab, and follow the instructions. Once you’ve picked out your colorful Mastercard, you can start spending with it before the physical one arrives in the mail.

The bank account that gives you more control

Spend and save with confidence, and discover a better way to manage your money

Get bank account
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