Rebranding N26, new logo and new colors.

N26 compte désormais 500 000 utilisateurs

500 000 clients à travers l’Europe font désormais confiance à N26 comme banque. Ce chiffre compte beaucoup pour nous et le meilleur, c’est que nous y sommes arrivés grâce à vous.

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500.000 customers across Europe now trust N26 as their bank. That number means a lot to us, and the best part is that we got here primarily because of organic outreach from customers just like you. To put that into perspective, we’ve been able to grow 124% year on year thanks in part to simple friend referrals and word-of-mouth recommendations. That’s about 1.500 new signups per day now, and it was about 1.000 per day just in March. Do you remember the last time you told someone about N26? When you got to explain how nice it is to just have a bank account for your smartphone? Maybe you’ve even noticed the number of friends you get to MoneyBeam has increased recently.

At the same time, the number of total card transactions has also increased by 176%, and the total transaction volume reached € That’s nine 0s. 5 billion with a b. We pride ourselves on how easy it is to open an N26 bank account, and this number shows how comfortable people are using one. In fact, customers have used the N26 Mastercard in 207 different countries for transactions in 143 currencies. This is the reason why we love to talk about our travel benefits and the diversity of our customers. Our integrated products like N26 Black and TransferWise simply make foreign transactions less stressful.

Speaking of products, we’ve been busy. Becoming the one convenient hub for all your financial needs has taken up a ton of our time this past year. You now know that we offer a business account for freelancers and the self-employed, a high interest savings account, easy-to-manage consumer credit loans, and now a digital dashboard for all your insurance needs. We’re not stopping there. We hear the demand in the rest of Europe and we’re eager to bring more products to countries outside Germany. That’s why Apple Pay is already coming to France, Italy and Spain later this year.

There’s one final thing to celebrate. N26 isn’t just about being a technology company for a few. We’re a bank for the many. Our 500.000 customers aren’t all young early adopters living in the big cities. In fact, about 40% are older than 35. N26 is for everyone who wants a bank that values user experience above all. We can’t wait to share more good news with you, and for you to share N26 with others.

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