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Digital work: which professions and skills will be most in-demand?

Technology is continuing to change the way we do business—what’s next in the world of digital work?

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How to understand your payslip

Find out how your Italian payslip is structured and all the important information you can find there.

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How do curricular internships work in Italy?

Everything you need to know about finding and applying for an academic internship in Italy.

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What should you study at university? A guide for future students

Find out how to choose the university program that’s right for you.

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Freelancing in Italy? Here are the top 9 Italian cities

Want to make it as a freelancer in Italy? These are the places with the highest chance for success.

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What’s a workation? Plan your own working vacation as a freelancer in Italy

When you’re a freelancer, work doesn’t have to interfere with your travel plans.

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How to start your own business

Founding a company is a major commitment. We've put together a checklist to help you get started.

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Changing careers—how to be financially prepared

Changing jobs? Read our guide to budget for your career change.

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Sabbatical leave—what it means and how to finance it

Taking sabbatical leave? Discover our guide on how to take a sabbatical

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Freelancing FAQs: everything you need to know about freelancing

Going freelance is a big career change and may leave you confused. Read answers to the most commonly asked questions about freelancing.

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How to be a freelancer in Germany

Learn how to handle everything as a freelancer—from your anmeldung and health insurance to your bank account, residence permit, and more.

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How to stay productive—7 useful apps to help you stay focused and motivated

Working from home or just want to maintain your daily motivation? Here are the best 7 apps to help you stay productive.

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