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We’re in this together—explore N26’s perks and discounts to enjoy from home

We’re here to help you stay healthy, entertained, and curious, with an exclusive hand-picked selection of partner offers just for N26 customers.

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It’s an extraordinary time to be living through. Many of us are far away from our families, newly adjusting to working from home, all while navigating the “new normal” under great uncertainty. But whatever life throws at you, we’d like to remind you that we’re all in this together—and when it comes to your finances, N26 is always by your side.

Putting yourself first shouldn’t be a luxury during this time. To help you remain healthy, entertained, and curious through adversity, we’re offering a hand-picked selection of exclusive partner offers and perks to enhance your everyday.

Stay healthy, entertained and curious with N26

Selected specifically to help you remain your best self, each perk provides something unique to keep you flourishing. For example, learn to maintain positive self-care habits without leaving the house, all thanks to fitness apps 8fit and Skill Yoga. And if you’re conscious of the impact of the current news cycle on your mental health, HeadSpace is here to provide a healthy platform for keeping your mind in check.

Staying entertained is another way to keep your mind busy. What better time to unwind with an old favorite book, or listen to that new album you’ve never gotten round to? Blinkist, TIDAL, Grover and Audible are all there to keep you entertained with the ultimate escapism. While music-streaming platform TIDAL lets you listen to over 60 million tracks, Audible offers you the world’s biggest library of audiobooks right on your smartphone.

Looking for another way to beat the boredom? Grover enables tech lovers to rent top tier gadgets on a monthly subscription basis. And with Blinkist, you can explore over 25+ categories of nonfiction literature, without having to trawl through a 300-page book! Bear in mind that some restrictions may apply country to country.

In contrast, you might want to use your spare time to work on upskilling yourself. Before we expand, we know—productivity talk can be exhausting. Life is more stressful than usual right now, and putting more pressure on ourselves to achieve is unnecessary. But if you know that staying busy will lift your spirits, two of our perks can help you get started. Online learning platform Udemy provides over 10,000 courses, assisting you in broadening your skill set across a diverse range of subjects. For those who have already honed their craft, online business marketplace Fiverr can help you start afresh with your business idea, providing you with the right resources to make it happen. So whether it’s coding, digital marketing, or even learning a new language, the possibilities are endless for what you could achieve.

We’ve also partnered up with Lition to support you in protecting the environment. With GreeN26, Lition offers an innovative green energy tariff in Germany, exclusively for N26 customers. Additionally, 26 trees will be planted in your name!

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A wide selection of perks, for every account

Keen to get started? Find out what’s on offer to you based on your account type by opening your N26 app, tapping the “Explore” tab on the bottom right of the screen, then browsing through the “Discounts” tab to view your available offers. Many of these are open to all customers—some for the very first time!—while others are only available to our premium users only. The ones you see in the app are the ones you’re eligible to take advantage of, based on whether you have a standard, You or Metal account.

But if you’d like to sample the full selection of perks, just upgrade to one of our premium You or Metal accounts! To do so, open your N26 app, head to the “Explore” tab on the bottom right of your screen, and tap on the Upgrade option. Of course, alongside unlocking all our perks, you’ll also enjoy a host of other benefits, including more Spaces sub-accounts for organizing your finances, as well as a colorful new debit card.

We hope that you make use of these offers to help you help yourself. It might be an uncertain time, but we understand the importance of the little things in keeping your mind occupied and maintaining an overall sense of wellbeing. After all, if you’re doing well, we’re doing well—we’re tackling this together.

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