Trying to make all the right decisions, but never getting help from your bank? Responsible Rosa knows your pain

Work hard, save hard, but never feel like your bank has your back? Here’s a few ways to take control of your finances.

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Banks should be there to help us—to answer the big questions about money and make us feel like we’re doing the right thing. Yet, so many people are taking responsibility for their finances only to feel like their bank is laughing at them, or making things overly complicated. And this can make us wonder, surely there is a better way of approaching things?

If you’ve ever experienced this, you’ve probably felt a little like Rosa. House-proud, family-focused Rosa. Currently she’s on maternity-leave with her second child. And all she wants is a little support from her bank now that she’s starting to worry about being a single-income household.

To Rosa, what’s important is the knowledge that she can cover the bills and still treat the kids every now and again. She doesn't see herself as financially-savvy because she lacks confidence in her ability to plan long-term, but she sure knows how to budget.

So, what does the future hold? Like 36 percent of the world’s population, Rosa’s saving for a rainy day to help see her family through any financial uncertainty. The thing that really drives her nuts is being made to feel stupid by her bank when she asks a simple question.

Rosa’s financial factoids

  • Mindset: spending time with family is what it’s all about
  • Motivation: creating a stable environment for the kids
  • Superpower: committed forward-planner
  • Kryptonite: hates condescending service from her bank


We get it. Like Rosa, you’re looking for a bit of financial stability. There’s no need to feel like loyalty isn’t going to pay off.

  1. Read “6 easy ways to save money while you #StayHome” to get that useful information without needing to speak to your bank
  2. Check out Spaces in the app to set some money aside for a rainy day. Statistics will also help you keep an eye on your spending.
  3. Find us on social #BigBankingChat to discover more tips

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