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Looking to maximize your finances? You’ll find a lot to discuss with cash-conscious Caroline

If you’re looking for simple ways to make the most of your money, cash-conscious Caroline’s approach could help.

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One day, you thought you’d wake up and your finances would just make sense—after all, you’ve worked hard your whole life, and know exactly what you want to achieve financially. Yet, you still don’t feel in control of whether you’ll hit your goals or not.

That lack of control comes because you never feel like you completely understand what banks and financial advisers are talking about—the advice they give is too wrapped up in jargon and caught up in cliches, leaving you feeling confused about what to do next.

All you really want is someone to simplify things, and give you the tools you need to realize your goals. If this sounds a bit like you, maybe you’re a lot like Caroline—golf-playing, country-loving Caroline.

Caroline’s risk-taking days are pretty much over, at least when it comes to finances. The family has paid off the mortgage and are comfortable, but they’ve never really been wealthy.

For Caroline, it’s key that she’s saving for her kids (and eventually, their children’s) future. She’s been self-employed for years but had many jobs over the years so there are many different savings and pension pots. And it’s all starting to get overwhelming.

Caroline has never been a finance wizard but she knows what her life goals are. 45 percent of people globally get irritated with their bank, and Caroline is definitely one of them. Banks always insist on making things complicated with their ‘bank speak.’ Great customer service built around key financial goals is what she’s after, and of course, simplicity is key.

Caroline’s financial factoids

  • Mindset: still saving for her family’s future
  • Motivation: set the kids up for life fast so she can improve her golf handicap
  • Superpower: financially unflappable & risk averse
  • Kryptonite: not enough information


We get it. Like Caroline, you want a plan for the future without having to navigate the confusing world of banking terminology.

  1. Read “How to budget money: smart budgeting tips that make it easy” for all the information you need without needing to speak to your bank
  2. Check out “Shared Spaces” in the app to share money with family all in one place. To make setting the family up financially even easier, a You or Metal account adds benefits from spending ranging from discounts to deals.
  3. Find us on social #BigBankingChat to discover more tips

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