Shared Spaces Beta: a new way to share money

You will soon be able to share money with family and friends, all in one place! – find out how it works.
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We’re delighted to announce that the wait for one of our most requested features – shared banking – is almost over!Today, we’ve launched the beta phase of an exciting new feature, Shared Spaces — a shared sub-account that gives you a new and easy way to manage money with family, friends and loved ones.

Shared banking with the people you trust

This latest feature is an expansion of our much loved Spaces sub-accounts. While the existing feature lets you create personal sub-accounts that hold and set aside money for individual goals, Shared Spaces is a shared banking feature that empowers you to save towards shared goals with your nearest and dearest.Whether you’re planning your next vacation to Rome with your partner, stashing some cash for Friday night drinks with friends, or splitting utilities and living costs with flatmates, Shared Spaces gives you a simple and flexible way to save up, put aside and share money with others. Giving you control over how you handle finances, it’s another way we’re creating a more personalized banking experience tailored to you and your way of living.So, how does it work? Soon, N26 You, Metal and Business You bank account holders will be able to invite up to ten people to a space, giving them access to a place where they can collectively share their money. As long as the person is someone you know and trust, you’ll be able to choose any user with an N26 bank account to participate. And all it takes is a few taps on your smartphone — just upgrade to the latest version of the app, create a new space and invite your family or friends. Shared Spaces is currently being tested with a small group of customers and is expected to be made available to our N26 You, Metal and Business You bank account holders in Europe in the coming months.

Save up with Spaces

Use N26 Spaces sub-accounts to easily organize your money and save up for your goals.

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When will Shared Spaces be widely available?

As with every new product or feature, it’s important that we spend the right amount of time on development and testing. Shared Spaces is no different, and is currently being tested with small groups of our customers from across Europe. All your early feedback is going to be crucial to help us create the best user experience possible. This will allow us to learn from the way you use the feature, make improvements and make sure the feature fits your needs before we make it more widely available.
By inviting a N26 customer to become a participant of a shared space, you are granting them Power of Attorney over this sub-account. The Power of Attorney means that participants have the right to freely transfer all funds in and out of the shared space on your behalf. The funds can be transferred to the participant’s main account, a personal space of the participant or any other accessible shared space. Essentially, by inviting a participant to a shared space, you are granting them full access to all the money held within that shared space, so be careful to only invite people you know and trust to a shared space. You can declare the invitation in the N26 WebApp or N26 Mobile App simply by accessing the space, you wish to share. A shared space is not a traditional joint account where both users involved jointly own the account and the funds within the account.

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