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Forever counting down to payday? You might be a spontaneous Sara

If you like to live life as it happens, you need to bank smart - here’s how.

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Whether we like to admit it or not, we all conform to a few tribes—especially when it comes to how we think about money.

But that’s ok. After all, knowing your spending habits and which tribe you’re part of makes it even easier to manage your money, and decide what you need from your bank. This is especially the case if you’re someone who lives day-to-day and doesn’t worry about any future they can’t see on their phone’s calendar.

Maybe you’re someone like Sara—fun-loving, city-dwelling, vinyl-playing Sara.

Sara is spontaneous. She often finds herself running out of money towards the end of the month. Whether it’s going out with friends or planning mini-breaks with family, she works to live.

To Sara, living means experiencing all that she can, while she can. But along with 49 percent of the world’s population, she’s often worrying about her finances. What does the future hold? It appears big and a bit scary, and that’s why stuffy financial advice and conversations about pensions are an instant turn-off. Piles of paperwork are her pet peeve, while short-term goals and regular reminders help to rein in her spending.

Sara’s financial factoids

  • Mindset: living life to the fullest is what counts
  • Motivation: fun times over practicality
  • Superpower: calculated risk-taker
  • Kryptonite: loathes complicated financial planning


We get it. Like Sara, you’re living life to the fullest. But there’s no need to make compromises for a bit more financial certainty.

  1. Read “Saving Made Simple” to see the best apps to make your money go further
  2. Check out Rules in the app help you to save cash to expand your vinyl collection. But, set Daily spending limits to make sure you don’t get carried away.

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