N26 Student Brand Ambassador Program

We’re looking for students who are passionate about N26 to join our community of ambassadors and help build N26 US from the ground up. Sound like you?

Brand Ambassador.

We’re new here. We want to get people all over the US excited about our launch, and we need you to help generate buzz on your campus. Friends, professors, peers, baristas, carpool buddies, that guy that always steals your weights at the gym — you name it. By becoming an N26 Student Brand Ambassador, you’re joining a referral program, but better. Get your fellow students to create an account with N26, activate their card and make a transaction, and you both get rewarded. Lucky for you, you get a lot more than just a referral bonus. Lucky for your friend, they finally know what’s it like to use a banking app that they actually love. You’ll be the face of N26 in your community and on your school campus.

It’s time you get paid for talking about something you already love. And if making extra money isn’t a big enough incentive, we’ve got a lot more to offer you.

  • Professional and educational tools: As an N26 Student Brand Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to enhance your resume and acquire a number of professional skills that will help you professionally in your career. Our Ambassador Milestone Referral Program offers a number of perks that will not only help you succeed as an ambassador but prepare you for your next big move post-graduation. All you have to do is refer a few friends. Once you’re an active ambassador, you will be sent personalized business cards that you can use not only for this role but at career fairs, interviews, and events. You’ll also be on the fast track to join N26 as an intern and/or a full-time employee (Your application will go straight to the top of the pile, we promise.) You will also have the opportunity to have a one-on-one mentorship with an employee on the team of your choice, receive a letter of recommendation at the end of your term, and get paid memberships to educational resources such as Skillshare and Udemy. We’re here to help you become successful and prepare you for all things #adulting.
  • Networking and events: As an N26 Student Brand Ambassador, you may be invited to exclusive N26 events. These include launch parties, networking events, tech talks, and celebrations. Here, you can network with the best minds in the industry, make lasting connections, and learn from those who are considered experts in the field. Not only are these events usually waitlisted, but they’re also invite only — and you get first dibs. If that doesn’t sound like enough, once you reach 80 referrals, you may also have the chance to travel to our NYC office, meet with the team, and work beside us for a few days. All expenses paid (up to an approved amount). Lastly, every ambassador has the opportunity to plan and execute their own events on campus or within your community, and we are here to support you in whatever ways we can.
  • Swag, swag, and more swag: Who doesn’t love free stuff? As a Student Brand Ambassador, you will receive your very own N26 merchandise to rep on your campus — including but not limited to — a hoodie, t-shirt, beanie, aluminum water bottle, and portable charger. The more referrals you receive, the more swag we send you. Besides the swag you get to keep for yourself, we also send you tons to give out to your friends. We want to thank them, too. Better make some room in that dresser!

The program is subject to terms and conditions. Questions? Contact us at campuscrew@n26.com.