Tag Your Transactions and Track Your Spending with N26

Tag your transactions to organize your account, monitor your expenses, and take charge of your finances.

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Tags aren’t just for social media, they can also help you reach your financial goals. By tagging your transactions you can personalize your expense tracking, stay on top of your spending, and take charge of your financial future.

It’s easier than ever with the N26 app, which is designed to put you in control of your money with features that you can customize for the perfect fit. N26’s spending statistics automatically categorize all of your purchases without you having to lift a finger. You can see a simple visual breakdown of your expenses by category, like food, entertainment, and shopping.

But tagging takes it one step further. With tags, you can organize your expenses however you want in the way that makes the most sense to you. It’s completely personalized banking, and it’s right in the palm of your hand with the N26 app.

How to use tags to track your spending 

With an N26 account, you can tag your transactions to track your expenses however you want to. Your spending profile is completely unique, and it may change from week to week. Organizing your purchases with tags will help you keep an eye on your spending and manage your money wisely.

  • Use  tags to manage your utilities. Add a tag to all household related payments to quickly review your monthly utilities , like gas or your electric bill. While spending statistics automatically lets you see your recurring monthly payments at a glance, tags will help you understand exactly what you’re spending overall so that you can set aside the right amount of money every month. 

  • Use  tags for last-minute excursions. If you want to understand how much money you’re spending on a weekend getaway, simply add a tag to your transactions during the weekend and let N26 track your expenses for you. Revisiting these transactions later in the month will make you more mindful of your money management.

  • Use tags for getting ahead on your holiday shopping. The holiday season always comes with extra expenses. Keep an eye on your spending by tagging all of your purchases for gifts, decor, and parties. You can check up on your expenses so that they don’t get out of control, and you’ll be able to plan a better holiday budget for the following year.

  • Use tags to keep track of expenses for new projects. If you adopt a pet, start a side hustle, or buy a motorcycle to repair, you may want to know what your new venture is costing you. Tag all of your associated spending for a clear view of its total cost.

Take control of your spending with N26

By staying on top of your expenses with N26, you’ll stress less about where your money  is going, and you’ll feel empowered to build a better future for yourself. The ability to tag your transactions is just one of the tools that N26 provides to help you achieve your financial goals. 

Ready to start banking by your own rules? Sign up for an N26 account and start using customized tags today.

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