The Top Summer Jobs for Working Students

By giving your budget an extra cushion, you’ll be able to stress less about your finances and focus more on your classes.

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Get a jump on your school expenses with a summer job, and start the semester ahead of the game. By giving your budget an extra cushion, you’ll be able to stress less about your finances and focus more on your classes. N26 is here to empower you to live and bank your way – and that includes arming you with smart tips for managing your money during the school year and beyond.

While COVID-19 has made finding jobs in 2020 extra challenging, there are some steps you can take to improve your chances:

  • Check online job boards regularly. You never know what opportunities might pop up each day, and persistence will help you find new opportunities faster.

  • Check freelance job opportunities. Writers, photographers, social media managers, and developers are in high demand in the freelancing world.

  • Make sure you have an active LinkedIn profile and that your information is consistent across job boards. That includes your profile picture, education, extracurriculars, and job descriptions.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask. There may be opportunities out there that aren’t posted online. If there are local businesses, stores, or restaurants open in your area, introduce yourself, share your resume, and see if they may have any jobs available.

Entry-level summer jobs pay an average of $16 per hour, according to Zip Recruiter. If you work full-time, that’s about $640 per week or $2,560 per month. Even part-time jobs or a few weeks of employment can help you manage the different costs  that come with being a student – paying toward your education, books, and all the big and small things you’ll need along the way.

Take advantage of your time away from class to propel yourself toward the future you envision.

What are the top summer jobs for working students?

You won’t just earn extra income with a summer job, you’ll also expand your network and learn valuable career skills. Seasonal work is also the perfect opportunity to try out different types of employment across different fields. Even if you don’t plan on being a retail clerk forever, you will quickly learn if a career in sales and customer service is the right fit for you. Check out some of the most in-demand summer jobs and the skills that they teach:

  • Camp counselor: Leadership, teamwork, conflict resolution

  • Lifeguard: Responsibility, decision-making, confidence

  • Gardener or landscaper: Attention to detail, time management, stamina

  • Tutor: Communication, organization, leadership

  • Hostess, server, or bartender: People skills, multitasking, working under pressure

  • Retail associate: Flexibility, problem-solving, attention to detail

  • Babysitter: Responsibility, conflict resolution, empathy

  • Golf caddy: Customer service, communication, stamina

  • Housekeeper: Organization, time management, attention to detail

  • Pet sitter or dog walker: Reliability, patience, initiative

How to manage your summer job income?

When the money starts rolling in, it might be tempting to want to burn through it all on summertime fun. Don’t beat yourself up if you splurge from time to time: it’s okay to treat yourself every once in a while.  As long as you’re planning for the future and setting some cash aside along the way, you’re definitely taking the right steps. 

Here are ways to manage your income and make the most of your efforts.

  • Decide how much money you want to save in advance so you don’t have to figure it out every time you get a paycheck or a bundle of tips. You can save a certain amount ($200 each paycheck) or a percentage (50% of your income). By deciding this number in advance, saving becomes more automatic.

  • Set aside your savings for the future. If you keep your spending money and your savings in the same account, it’s easy to mix things up. Create separate goals instead with N26 Spaces, where you can place money aside for your specific short or long-term objectives.

    • Why use Spaces? Spaces comes with your N26 account. Unlike many traditional savings accounts, it costs nothing to transfer money in or out, and there are no limits to how often you can move your money back and forth. 

    • How can Spaces help me as a student? Spaces lets you create your own custom sub-accounts – whether it’s saving for next year’s textbooks, saving for an upcoming Spring Break trip, or a new laptop. The options are endless, and entirely up to you. 

  • Take a look at your spending habits to identify areas where you can cut back. If you’re anything like us, spending money on food, entertainment, and shopping can creep up on you easily. Within the N26 app, you can track your spending habits at a glance any time. We automatically categorize your expenses so that you don’t have to.  

  • Use debit instead of credit. With so much going on in the summertime, plenty of people spend more than they can afford. Avoid impulse purchases (and the debt that goes with them) by paying with a debit card instead of a credit card.

  • Watch out for hidden bank fees. You’ve worked hard for your money, so don’t let sneaky bank fees take it away from you — overdraft fees, ATM fees, maintenance fees, and insufficient funds fees are common ones you’ll want to watch out for as a student. With N26, you won’t have to worry about surprise charges in your account, because we never charge hidden fees.

With a summer job you can bring in extra money for school — and with a little help from N26, you can make it last well into the future. From spending statistics to saving with Spaces, discover helpful tools to take your finances to the next level. Set yourself up for a brighter tomorrow when you sign up with N26 today.

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