How to Manage Your Monthly Bills with N26

Recurring expenses are kind of like dirty dishes: they always seem to be around, they’re not much fun to deal with, and they’re an inescapable part of being an adult.

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Each month it seems like just when you finish paying your monthly bills, they’re back again. And again. Recurring expenses are kind of like dirty dishes: they always seem to be around, they’re not much fun to deal with, and they’re an inescapable part of being an adult.

Since you can’t avoid your monthly bills, the best strategy is to learn how to manage them better. And N26 can help. The N26 app is specifically designed to help you handle expenses so that you can save for the things that are important to you. Check out some of our favorite tips for managing your recurring bills.

Easy strategies to master your monthly bills

Create calendar reminders for all due dates so that you’re not late on payments. Paying late won’t just cost you in fees, it can also hurt your credit score. But trying to remember all the different due dates can be really difficult. Instead, create monthly reminders on your calendar to keep track of all of them.

Sign up for autopay and your payment will be automatically deducted from your account on a certain date every month. But remember: You’ll still have to make sure that the amount of the payment is actually in your account on the date that it’s scheduled to be deducted.

Set money aside. Setting money aside for your bills will ensure that you always have enough when it comes time to pay them. With N26 Spaces you can create a “Monthly Bills” goal within your account, and set a certain amount from each paycheck to make sure you’re always on track.

Reach your goals with Spaces

Use N26 Spaces to put money aside for the things that matter to you.
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Understand your grace periods to avoid late fees. A bill’s grace period is the amount of time between the date when it’s due and the date when you’ll be charged a late fee if it’s still unpaid. Grace periods can be anything from a couple of days to a couple of months (or certain bills may not have a grace period at all).

Watch out for monthly subscriptions. 84% of Americans underestimate how much they spend on subscriptions every month. Be sure to review all of your subscriptions and decide which to keep and which to cancel. For the keepers, do a little research to see if there are any discounts available. N26 Perks can help you save money on services with our partners like TIDAL, Blinkist, and Headspace.

Negotiate your bills. This might seem a little awkward, but calling your service providers and asking for a better price is a good practice. If a particular bill increases or you’re thinking about cancelling a service, that’s a great opportunity to check with one of their competitors and ask for a better rate. You might be surprised at how often you can negotiate a lower bill.

Track your recurring payments. Use the N26 app to tag your recurring expenses with #monthlybills or something similar. You’ll be able to see exactly how much money you are spending on your bills every month. Learn how to tag your transactions in the N26 app.

Track your expenses with spending statistics. The N26 app automatically categorizes all of your expenses and shows you a simple visual breakdown of your spending on things like restaurants, groceries, and entertainment. This makes it easy to see where your money is going every month and keep better track of your expenses.

Master your money with N26

Stay on top of your monthly bills for good with N26. Our app is loaded with features to help you manage your finances, from spending statistics to Spaces for saving up. Experience mobile banking that’s designed around the way you live. Fast, flexible, and convenient: Open your N26 account today.

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