Refer Friends & Earn Rewards with Your N26 Card

Get rewarded for doing something that you do all the time: telling a friend about something great.

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With N26’s referral program, you can make $10 for doing something that you do all the time anyway: telling a friend about something great. Like getting your paycheck two days early¹ and exclusive discounts from brands you already love. You’ll receive $10 for every person that signs up for a free N26 account using your referral code.

Referring friends is easier than ever. Simply share your unique code and earn a bonus when you introduce others to the world of N26. They’ll discover a new kind of mobile banking with helpful tools for budgeting, and no sneaky hidden fees. 

What is my N26 reward?

You’ll receive a $10 bonus deposited right into your N26 account for each friend who uses your referral code to open an account and makes a purchase of $10 or more. On top of that, your friend will also get $5.

How do I get my bonus cash when I refer a friend to N26?

Simply follow these three steps to get your $10 reward:

1. Locate your unique referral code 

Find your unique referral code in the app by heading to the Explore tab  and tapping on Refer friends. Copy your code or share it via text, email, or social media. You can invite as many friends as you want, and your code never expires.

2. Your friend signs up

When your friend opens an account using your referral code, we’ll recognize it automatically. You’ll be able to see the invite on your scoreboard.

3. You get $10

Once your friend activates their card and makes a qualifying purchase of at least $10, we’ll deposit $10 into your N26 account (and $5 into your friend’s account). Everybody wins.

To make sure that your friend has met all of the necessary requirements, see the full terms and conditions. Bank together with N26 and know that your money is in good hands — your own.

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