How to Customize Your N26 Card Settings for Ultimate Security

With your N26 account, you can keep your money safe by personalizing your settings just the way you want them.

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There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to banking. Our mission at N26 is to empower you to live and bank your way, by creating a personalized banking that fits your lifestyle. With your N26 account, you can keep your money safe by personalizing your settings just the way you want them. With a few taps in the mobile app, you can change your PIN, set spending limits, restrict access to purchases made abroad or online, or lock your account entirely. You can even order a new card and chat with customer support.

Discover all the ways that you have the power to customize and control your N26 card via the mobile app:

1. Set spending limits that make sense for you

Daily limits on your purchases and ATM withdrawals protect you from falling prey to bad overspending habits. They can help you to manage your spending and make good decisions. Tailor your spending limits to fit your needs by setting daily and monthly maximum amounts for ATM withdrawals and purchases.

2. Lock & unlock your card to avoid unpleasant surprises

You have total control of your N26 debit card and can freeze it in seconds so it can’t be used should it be missing or misplaced. If you misplace your card or if you spot anything in your account looks suspicious, you have the ability to immediately disable purchases and ATM withdrawals. Unlike with many traditional banks where you have to call and talk to customer service to report your card being lost or stolen, you can take action right from the app without the wait times. And don’t worry, you can always unlock your card later.

Check our support center for more information on locking and unlocking your card. If your card does get lost or stolen, you can order a new one in just a few taps. Just head to the Actions tab in the app, tap on Card Settings, then Order a new card.

3. Order a new copy of your debit card

Life happens, and sometimes debit cards get broken, de-magnetized, or simply worn out. Reorder a new N26 card for whatever reason and we’ll mail it out to you right away. Once it arrives, you can activate it right from the N26 mobile app.

4. Change your PIN anytime, anywhere

Your PIN is your debit card’s private password. With an N26 card, you can change your PIN at any time to make sure that you’re the only one with access to your account. Unlike many traditional banks, it’s easy to quickly update your PIN with N26. With just a few taps in the app, you can change your Confirmation PIN anytime you need to.

5. Enable (and disable) international payments

Heading out of the country, or returning home after a trip? Choose the countries where your debit card can and can’t be used with your smartphone, and rest assured that your account is protected. If you’re about to travel abroad, you can enable international payments directly from the N26 app, which saves you the trouble of having to call and let someone know you’ll be out of the country.

6. Enable (and disable) online payments

You have the power to allow online payments or not. Restrict your card’s use on websites and apps for as long as you want to, then switch it back on whenever you’re ready. Have full control over your banking and protect yourself from fraudulent charges.

7. Connect with your N26 support team.

Quickly find answers to common questions by searching our Support Center, available 24/7. Still need help? We’ve got your back. You can chat with us directly in the N26 mobile app – just tap on My Account, then Support, and choose the Support Chat option to get in touch with our team.

Your money, your settings — you’re in control.

You decide what’s best for you with an N26 card, from setting spending limits to allowing online purchases. Your account is more secure because it’s the perfect fit for your unique spending habits and savings goals. Explore what’s possible when your debit card adapts to your life.

The N26 account is offered by Axos Bank®, Member FDIC. N26 Inc. is a service provider of Axos Bank. All deposit accounts of the same ownership and/or vesting held at Axos Bank are combined and insured under the same FDIC Certificate 35546. All deposit accounts through Axos Bank brands are not separately insured by the FDIC from other deposit accounts held with the same ownership and/or vesting at Axos Bank. The N26 Visa® Debit Card is issued by Axos Bank pursuant to a license by Visa U.S.A. Inc. The N26 Visa Debit Card may be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.

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