Woman in stripped shirt with flowers.

No matter if you’re a skeptic, a die hard, or somewhere in between, astrology might be a fun way to look at your financial habits.

6 min read

Woman to talks to man in a car.

Owning a car these days isn’t just about the freedom of the open road.

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Woman reading travel guide to Paris.

Travel inspires your soul, expands your mind, and connects you with the world. No matter what your income is, you can travel anywhere you want to go when you budget the right way.

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Roommates sitting on couch in living room.

Having roommates is a great way to cut your expenses by sharing the cost of living. It can also lead to headaches about money.

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Couple holding hands on a rug.

Moving in together isn’t just a big emotional commitment, it’s also a big financial step.

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How to save money for a shift in your career.

How much money do you need to save for a career change? Here’s how you can budget your way through it.

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smartphone on a suitcase in an airport.

If you thought booking a hotel was expensive, just wait until you see how much a bottle of water costs while you wait for your flight to board.

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Customize your banking experience with N26.

We believe that banking should fit your individual needs so you can achieve your goals faster.

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From cashback on everyday purchases to fast and secure cash-free payments, here’s how we make banking simple and rewarding.

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No fee banking - it's possible with N26.

No matter what anyone says, confusing bank fees don’t need to be a part of your life.

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Banking with Benefits | N26.

Trust is key to any good relationship. Here's how N26 can help you take control of your finances to give you peace of mind.

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How to budget better with N26.

With N26, making smarter budgeting moves is as easy as swiping right.

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How to take control over your money with a free bank account from N26.

When it comes to your relationship with money, it’s time to get serious. Introducing #BankingWithBenefits, a guide to better banking with N26.

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