Introducing EasyFlex Savings—earn daily interest without locking your money away

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Steadily saving up for a dream purchase, or simply looking for ways to maximize your money? We’re delighted to announce our new product that makes it even easier. Introducing EasyFlex Savings—a free and flexible way to make your money grow. 

With no minimum deposit periods and the ability to add money or withdraw funds from EasyFlex Savings as often as you like, you can finally earn competitive daily interest on your savings without having to lock it away.

Read on to learn more about EasyFlex Savings, and all the savings features available with your N26 bank account.

Save and earn with EasyFlex Savings

Want to grow your money without compromising on flexibility? With EasyFlex Savings, you can earn daily interest on your savings at competitive rates by depositing your funds with our partner bank. Unlike traditional fixed-term savings accounts, EasyFlex Savings comes with no minimum lock-in deposit period—so you’re in complete control of how long you want to save.

Adding money or withdrawing funds from your EasyFlex Savings is easy—simply transfer money between your N26 bank account and your EasyFlex Savings account as often as you like with just a few taps in your N26 app. Each withdrawal from EasyFlex Savings only takes 2 banking days to appear in your N26 bank account, so rest easy—you can access your savings at any time. 

How do I get started with EasyFlex Savings?

To make your savings experience even better, we’re currently working on a smoother integration of EasyFlex Savings within your N26 app. But if you want to start earning daily interest on your savings right away, here’s how to get started.

  1. Open the Explore tab in your N26 app and select EasyFlex Savings

  2. Follow the in-app instructions to complete your application

  3. Confirm your T&Cs to make it official—that’s it!

Opening your EasyFlex Savings requires a minimum initial deposit of €500, and can take up to 5 business days while your account is set up by our partner bank. We’ll notify you when it’s ready to use—in the meantime, try out the Interest Calculator in your N26 app to see how much interest you’ll earn.

Read more about EasyFlex Savings here.

N26 Spaces for reaching your savings goals 

Of course, alongside EasyFlex Savings, your N26 bank account is already integrated with a number of smart savings tools to help you meet your financial goals. Take N26 Spaces, for example—these are handy sub-accounts that sit alongside your main account. You can use Spaces sub-accounts to easily organize your money for better budgeting, or to put some money aside for your dream purchases.

Simply create a space, give it a name, and set a target amount—then drag and drop money over from your main account in your N26 app whenever you like. To make saving even easier, you can create Rules to automatically transfer a set amount from your main account to your chosen space—every day, week, fortnight or month. 

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Shared Spaces for saving up together

Saving up for a group day out, a birthday gift for mom, or just looking for an effortless way to manage shared bills and rent? If you’re more about budgeting and saving together with others, Shared Spaces makes pooling finances together a breeze.  If you’re a premium customer, simply invite up to 10 other N26 customers to a space you’ve created, and all participants can add or withdraw funds whenever they want. Easy!

N26 Savings—for long-term saving with high interest

And of course, if you’re saving up for the bigger things in life—like a car or your dream home—there’s always N26 Savings. This is a fixed-term deposit account that helps you achieve longer-term savings goals even faster, thanks to interest rates up to 1.38% p.a. Learn more about N26 Savings.

Not sure where to start with saving up, or how to manage short and long-term savings goals? Discover our best tips and tricks in this blog post about budgeting!

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