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Take control of your finances. With just one app.

Manage everything directly in the N26 app. Set payment limits, change your PIN number and lock and unlock your card. All in real-time.

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Instant Push Notification

Money Mindfulness

Never miss the moment when your pay cheque lands again with instant push notifications on all transactions.

Travel the world. Feel right at home.

Spend anywhere

Ditch the traveller’s cheques and make no-fee transactions anywhere in the world.

Set your own limits

There’s no need to tell us when you’re using your card in another country. Disable and enable payments abroad, directly in the app.

The best exchange rate

Get Mastercard’s best currency exchange rate on your payments, with no markup fee.

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Apple Pay—the perfect marriage of security and convenience

Now you can pay with your N26 Mastercard using Apple Pay in stores, online, and in apps. It's easy to use, secure, and effortlessly mobile.

Apple Pay

What’s a bank account without a card?

You’ll get a Mastercard as standard when you open an N26 current account. Pretty widely accepted, last time we checked.

Customer Support UK

Contact us via in-app Chat Support feature, by email or check out our Support Centre below for some of the most frequently asked questions and troubleshooting.
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Open an account in minutes, get full financial control for much longer. All without a scrap of paperwork.

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