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Withdraw Cash

Withdraw cash from more than 7.000 CASH26 locations across Germany. Withdraw cash from any ATM in the world that accepts MasterCard.

Turn your phone into an ATM to get money while you shop.

Select CASH26 in the app, see which location is closest to you on the map and redeem your barcode at the cashier.

You can do this as many times as you want for free.

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Use any ATM from any bank, as long as it takes MasterCard.

How about that ATM attached to a different bank? Yup. That random ATM around the corner? Sure.

If you registered with an address in Germany, you can withdraw 3 times or 5 times in Germany for free.

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Deposit Cash

Deposit cash at more than 7.000 CASH26 locations across Germany.

Generate a barcode from the app, get in line just like you’re going to buy something and show the cashier the barcode.

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The first €100 deposited each month is free, then there’s a 1,5% charge on the total amount above that. See our pricing page for details.