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Start the countdown!

posted by N26 • Uncategorized @en • September 28, 2016

Back in July, we announced our official recognition as a licensed bank, which will allow us to offer even faster innovation of new financial products. This is a major next step because we can finally deliver what so many of you have been asking for – credit, savings, insurance and more.

Once we complete a few finishing touches, N26 Bank will be ready to open its digital doors in mid-October. That’s when we’ll transfer your account from Wirecard Bank to N26 Bank. Keep in mind that:

  • Your entire in-app experience, including your transaction history, will stay the same
  • We will replace your existing Mastercard
  • Once you activate your new card, you will receive a new IBAN

The transfer process is simple, and we’ll offer instructions and support at every step. You don’t need to do anything today, and we’ll send you another update soon!

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