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Send savings to your future self

Save your money with N26 and get up to 1,6% in interest.


Minimum deposit

3 Months

Minimum duration


Maximum interest

Get a high interest savings account online

Open your high interest savings account directly from your phone without any paperwork. It’s the fastest way to store your money in a fixed savings plan and start collecting interest.

The best interest rates curated for you

We’ll show you the plan with the highest interest rate by default. You can compare different plans among several European partner banks, so you can have the best online savings account from across Europe. Just pick the one that fits your needs.

A marketplace with more choices

We only collaborate with partner banks that offer the best interest rates and offer paperless service.

Our partner WeltSparen makes this all possible by allowing you to deposit money at any bank with an online savings account in their network across Europe.

We provide access to their network at the same speed and convenience you expect from an N26 product.

Deposit protection under EU law

Deposits up to €100.000 are protected in accordance to EU law in all EU member states. No matter which bank you choose, your deposits are protected according to EU Directive 2014/09.

Frequently asked questions

How does a fixed savings account work?

A fixed savings account means you make a one-time deposit for a fixed amount of time, and it collects interest over that time. You can’t withdraw the money until that time period ends, but you’ll get your deposit plus guaranteed interest back. You can decide how much you want to deposit from a minimum of €2.000 to a maximum of €100.000, and how long you want it to be in the account from a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 60 months.

Where can I see the progress of my savings plan?

You can always see the status of your savings plan in the savings section of the N26 app. You can easily access all the information you need like the amount of money you put into the plan, what interest you’ll earn, when your plan ends and how much you’ll receive

Can I access the money before the term ends?

If you open a fixed term savings plan, you will not be able to withdraw the money before the term ends. That’s part of the reason why banks are willing to pay higher interest rates for these savings plans. You will get all your money and accumulated interest in one payout at the end of the term.