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N26 Business Pricing – Germany

Applicable to everyone who registers with an address in Germany

N26 Business Pricing – Germany

N26 Business

€0,00 / month

Business Mastercard
€0,00 / month
Free Mastercard payments
worldwide, in any currency

Free cash withdrawals in Germany
5 free ATM withdrawals with Fair Use Policy*
Unlimited free cash withdrawals from CASH26 network of 7.000 retailers
Free optional Maestro card

Free Maestro card payments

in any currency

Foreign currency transfers
via TransferWise
0,1% Cashback
We pay you back 0,1% on every Mastercard purchase

Instant overdraft
Credit score required
8,9% interest p.a.
Withdraw & Deposit Cash

Withdraw cash for free at 7.000 retail stores
with CASH26

Free Mastercard ATM withdrawals

outside Germany in EUR

Foreign currency ATM withdrawals
with Mastercard
1,7% of withdrawal
Deposit cash at retail stores
with CASH26
€100 free / month
1,5% fee on deposits after the first €100 / month
Maestro card ATM withdrawals

anywhere in EUR
Foreign currency ATM withdrawals
with Maestro
1,7% of withdrawal + €2,00
*Fair Use Policy
applies to Mastercard ATM withdrawals in Germany only

You are younger than 26
5 free Mastercard ATM withdrawals / month
then €2,00 / withdrawal
You receive your salary, pension, student
 allowance or government benefits

for at least two consecutive months
5 free Mastercard ATM withdrawals / month
then €2,00 / withdrawal
You receive payments of at least €1.000 per month

for at least two consecutive months
5 free Mastercard ATM withdrawals / month
then €2,00 / withdrawal
If you fulfill none of the above criteria

within 3 months after signing up
3 free Mastercard ATM withdrawals / month
then €2,00 / withdrawal

Most asked questions

What's the advantage of N26 overdraft compared to other banks?

You get complete transparency via overdraft alerts and in-app display of your charges for the current quarter. Set or change your limits in the app at any time.

Is there a foreign exchange fee for Mastercard purchases?

No. N26 Mastercard purchases in any foreign currency are completely fee-free, meaning there’s no markup to the exchange rate that the card network sets. This is a great deal compared to other German banks and we’re proud to offer you a free card which has no foreign exchange fees on purchases.

Why is there a limit to fee-free ATM withdrawals in Germany?

ATM withdrawals are particularly costly in Germany. We provide a free allowance based on our Fair Use Policy, and then charge a reasonable fee if you use more. With that said, CASH26 withdrawals remain free and unlimited at over 7.000 retail locations across Germany.

Why is there a 1,7% fee for Mastercard ATM withdrawals in foreign currencies?

We incur a significantly higher cost from card networks for ATM withdrawals in a foreign currency compared to Euro withdrawals. Most banks charge more than 1,7% for this service or require a significant minimum account balance for the fee to be waived. We tried to find a middle ground to cover our increased costs while providing a great value compared to other banks, and not require a minimum balance. This is also consistent with our approach in emphasizing cost-efficient cashless transactions. Our new N26 Black account – which includes insurance and is great for travelers – waives the 1,7% foreign currency ATM fee completely when you use your Mastercard. So N26 Black might be an attractive option for you if you’re frequently abroad and expect to withdraw foreign currency more often.

How can I avoid the Maestro card ATM withdrawal fee?

We recommend using your Mastercard for all cash withdrawals so you can avoid the 2 Euro Maestro withdrawal fee. Maestro doesn't provide any additional ATM coverage compared to Mastercard, but it costs us more to process. That's why we ask you to use your Mastercard instead.

Are CASH26 withdrawals free and unlimited?

Yes - withdraw as often as you like for free. Use the Cash Map in the N26 app to see which of the 7.000+ CASH26 locations is closest to you.

Why is there a fee for depositing cash using CASH26 after the first €100 per month?

Cash is expensive: it must be sorted, secured, and transported. We incur a cost from our partners for this deposit service. We'll cover the cost up to your first €100 of deposits each month.