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N26 Overdraft, designed for you

With N26 you can activate overdraft in 2 minutes, adjust it individually and keep track of your costs anytime.

How does N26 overdraft work?

Activate overdraft in 3 steps

Customize your limit individually and anytime

Warnings when your balance is low

What are the benefits of N26 overdraft?

  • Check your eligibility in less than 2 minutes
  • Activate overdraft with one click
  • Instant overdraft for new customers up to 1000€
  • Existing customers eligible for up to 5.000€ overdraft
  • Fair interest rate of 8,9 % per year
  • Daily update on your costs in the app
  • Individual limits facilitate control over spendings

Overdraft provides some cushion if money gets tight at the end of the month, or any time. It only takes two minutes to apply, and you're always in control of your overdraft limits.

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