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Invest with minimal effort

Select a diversified N26 Invest plan to manage your portfolio without the stress.

Get your invest plan with a few taps

N26 Invest eliminates the pain points of investing so you can get started right away. When you have an N26 account, you can easily open and manage your Invest plan within the app without any paperwork.1

Everything runs in the background for you

You choose the portfolio and how much to invest.3 N26 Invest takes care of everything that’s necessary to power your investments so you have more time to live your life.

Put your money to work

When you make your first deposit, your funds are invested through index funds in global investment markets to gain returns for you. The plan you select is already a smart diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds.2

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1Eligibility to use N26 Invest is subject to requirements for tax residence, citizenship and identity verification.

2This is an investment product with the risk of capital loss, including initial principal.

3N26 Bank GmbH is merely acting as an investment intermediary. Neither N26 GmbH nor N26 Bank GmbH execute an assessment of suitability and appropriateness with regard to a user's investment decision.
Legal Documents

Frequently Asked Questions

Is N26 Invest a paperless product?

Yes. Like all N26 products, N26 Invest is completely paperless because it’s built directly into the existing app. We’ll provide you with digital copies of all the necessary documents so you’ll never need to fill out paperwork or visit a broker's office to start investing.

What am I actually investing in with N26 Invest?

When using N26 Invest, you select one of 3 portfolios, each consisting of 5 funds. These portfolios are pre-selected and managed by our partner vaamo. The funds which are the underlying assets behind the portfolios are index funds (passively managed funds) of Dimensional Fund Advisors. The fund units are stored and traded in your name at a securities account under your name at FFB Bank. Learn more about our partners.

How much does N26 Invest cost?

There is a yearly 0,99% fee of your invested amount that will be directly charged from the N26 Invest section of the app. Here you can see your invested amount and any investment returns. For invested amounts less than €2.300, a minimum monthly fee of €1,90 applies instead of the 0,99% service fee. Learn more about the service fee.

What does the service fee cover?

The service fee covers all the expenses for the day-to-day management of your account, and the buying and selling of funds (trading fees, bid-ask spreads, rebalancing). The service fee does not include the operating costs of the index funds, which are charged separately by the investment funds directly from your investment. N26 does not receive any commissions from the investment funds. The service fee is the only revenue N26 earns from this product.