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Introducing N26 Invest – Investment for All of Us

posted by N26 • News • July 26, 2016

In last week’s announcement, we hinted at upcoming features that we’ll be able to bring to you faster than before, and with even more immediate benefit to your financial life. Today we’re pleased to introduce N26 Invest, the first of many innovations made possible by our new banking license. Many of you have been asking about an investment tool since day one when we launched the NUMBER26 bank account. N26 Invest is an investment tool that’s just as easy to use.

We partnered with vaamo, an investment platform based in Frankfurt, to design an intelligent investment product where you can contribute your money to one of three different plans based on your tolerance for risk. Each plan includes a blend of professional funds spread out over 15.000 securities, or tradable financial assets, worldwide. This means whichever plan you choose is diversified.

You’re in complete control over your plan selection and you can make financial decisions regardless of your background. You can set up your plan with recurring contributions or make contributions manually whenever you want. You can see your projected returns in our plan projection chart. You can request a withdrawal at any time and receive the funds in just a few days. Your plan will automatically rebalance at the start of every year to keep your equity and bond mix at their selected percentage points. All of this is available for a service fee that begins at €1.90 per month.

Here’s how to get going with N26 Invest:

1. Choose your initial investment amount
2. Choose a cautious, balanced or bold plan based on your risk preference
3. See your projected outcome for the future
4. Deposit and withdraw at any time
5. Let your money work for you


Disclaimer: N26 Invest is an investment product with the risk of capital loss, including initial principal. You choose your own risk profile based on a cautious, balanced or bold plan. N26 Bank GmbH is merely acting as an investment intermediary. Neither NUMBER26 GmbH nor N26 Bank GmbH execute an assessment of suitability and appropriateness with regard to a user’s investment decision.