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One place for all your insurance needs

Manage your insurance policies in one easy dashboard in the N26 app

Another way to simplify your life

Instead of organizing binders full of paperwork, simply digitize all your insurance policies in the N26 app. You can finally know exactly what your insurance covers, with the added benefit of having this information at your fingertips. You don’t need to upload any contracts, policy numbers or details, as we do the hard work for you. Plus it’s a completely free upgrade.

Digitize and manage all your policies

N26 Insurance is a new section of the N26 app that allows you to easily add your existing insurance policies to a wallet for a complete overview of your insurance portfolio. Access your coverage and pricing details, manage renewals and even initiate claim handling assistance in one place.

The hard work of managing all your policies happens in the background thanks to Clark, our digital insurance broker and partner.

The simplest insurance dashboard

To use N26 Insurance, swipe to the Insurance section in the app and select “Digitize your insurance.” Select your insurance category and provider to request your policy information.

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We will contact your insurers in the background to import your policies.

All you have to do is sign the new broker mandate and check back to see if your policy has been successfully imported.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a broker mandate?

A broker acts in your best interests to make sure you get the insurance policies that are right for you. They function as an intermediary between yourself and your insurers, and ensure that you get objective advice by not being tied to any one insurance company. A signed broker mandate is the authorization for Clark to become your personal broker, and allows Clark to work with insurance companies on your behalf.

What are the implications to my existing insurance policies if I do this?

Your existing insurance policies will not change. N26 Insurance will only digitize the details of your policies and present them on one dashboard.

How is N26 Insurance a free service?

As your brokers, N26 and Clark are entitled to commissions from the insurance provider for providing administrative and support services. You don’t actually pay for the brokerage service, but the service is paid from the premiums you’re already paying to your providers.

Can an existing Clark user also use N26 Insurance?

Currently, an existing Clark user cannot sign-up for N26 Insurance. However we are working on a solution with Clark that will be available soon for such users.