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Give your contact list a spring cleaning

posted by N26 • Product • April 28, 2016

Okay NUMBER26 users: you asked, and we delivered. With our new update, we’re giving you the ability to do a little housekeeping in your contact list.

One of the most often-requested features from users is the ability to bring some law and order to the stored contact list of payment senders/recipients.

Our updates: you can now delete payment contacts that are out-of-date. Or in the case of payment contacts who you want to track more closely, you can now access their transaction history.

Here’s how it works:

Android: Click on “Transfers” to access the list of your payment contacts. Select a contact, then press – and hold – on the name to access your options.



iOS: Click on “Transfers” to access the list of your payment contacts. Then select a contact, swipe left and you’ll receive a prompt with options to delete or view history.


In order to make the contact list easier to use, going forward we’ll only store the contact information for your payment recipients (not the senders). For example, you’ll no longer see your employer listed, since you’d never dream of returning your paycheque, right?

Your balance over time

On top of that, we spiffed up how your balance is displayed. When you log in to the app and go to the account balance, just scroll through the history to see it update in real time. We have to admit, we love this feature.

As you can see, we take your feedback quite seriously here at NUMBER26. In the video below, Freddy explains how to submit more of your ideas (but please, folks, not in the comments!).