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N26 Business Pricing – France

Applicable to everyone who registers with an address in France

N26 Business Pricing – France

N26 Business

€0,00 / month

Mastercard Included
Business Mastercard
Free Mastercard payments
in any currency

Foreign currency transfers
via TransferWise
0,1% Cashback
We pay you back 0,1% on every Mastercard purchase

Minimum Usage Requirement
if you are older than 26
2,90€ / month
First fee will be collected end of January 2018 based on previous rolling quarter
Minimum Usage Requirement
if you are under the age of 26
Withdraw & Deposit Cash

Mastercard ATM withdrawals
in Euro
5 free withdrawals / month, then €2,00 per additional withdrawal
Mastercard ATM withdrawals
in foreign currency
1,7% of withdrawal

Frequently asked questions

What are the minimum usage requirements to keep the N26 bank account free?

The N26 bank account is free as long as you make at least nine card purchases every three months. You could do three every month, nine all at once or however you want to do it. Otherwise an account management fee of 8,70€ (2,90€ per month) applies for the three month period in which the requirement has not been met. This doesn’t apply if you’re younger than 26, or if you’re an N26 Black member. Card payments include buying a meal, ordering something online, paying for a taxi – everything except ATM withdrawals. We'll start looking on the first day of the second month after you've verified your ID.

Is there a foreign exchange fee for Mastercard purchases?

No. N26 Mastercard purchases in any foreign currency are completely fee-free, meaning there’s no markup to the exchange rate that the card network sets. This is a great deal compared to other German banks and we’re proud to offer you a free card which has no foreign exchange fees on purchases.

Why is there a 1,7% fee for Mastercard ATM withdrawals in foreign currencies?

We incur a higher cost for these transactions. You can avoid this fee if you pay with your Mastercard at the merchant. Mastercard acceptance abroad is often much higher than in Germany and across Europe, so you might be surprised how often you can pay with your card when abroad. When you do need to withdraw cash abroad, our fee is very competitive compared to other German banks. Many banks charge a higher percentage or require a minimum balance in your account for the fee to be waived.

Another option for you: we waive this fee for N26 Black account users, so N26 Black may be a good option for you if you travel frequently and withdraw foreign currency more often.