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N26 – Account

General terms and conditions „N26 current account"

(Version 1.2, Date: 31.03.2017)

1. Scope of application


These General Terms and Conditions ("AGB") are applicable for all the banking services of N26 Bank GmbH (“N26”, “we”),which you (“End user”, “You”) can use via the application of the mobile App named “N26” (“App”) or via the online interface provided by N26 GmbH that can be accessed under (“Online Interface”). Additionally, the following conditions are also applicable, insofar as they do not contradict the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions.

  • Basic pre-contractual information
  • Depositor information
  • General Business Conditions - Basic Rules Governing the Relationship Between the Customer and the Bank
  • Terms and Conditions for Credit Transfers
  • Terms and Conditions for eBanking
  • General Terms and Conditions for Payments by Direct Debit under the SEPA Core Direct Debit Scheme
  • Terms and Conditions for Private and Business MasterCard Debit Cards
  • Special Conditions for Digital Account Statements
  • Price list


The supplementary terms of use, which you can view below are applicable for the use of the App and the Online Interface ("End Customer interfaces").

2. Object of service


The object of service is the management of a current account and the issue of the N26 MasterCard ("Account"). You can operate and manage the account via the end Customer interfaces. The prerequisite is a smartphone that is linked to the account, which fulfils the pre-requisites described in the N26 Support Center

The current account contract includes the following services in detail:

  • Account Management
  • Payments at ATM’s
  • Transfers
  • Standing Orders/Debit Orders
  • Debit Notes (direct debits are excluded in the Customer order)
  • MasterCard


The account is used for the processing of payment transactions and the processing of card revenues from the linked MasterCard.


The credit balance on the account is payable on a daily basis. The account is managed on a current account ("open account") basis. The account is managed as credit account. Please note the overdraft facility on the basis of staggered synchronisation processes (Clause 11). Furthermore, an overdraft credit contract subject to your credit rating can also be concluded with us separately.


The transaction limit stipulated for the cash service is applicable within your credit limit that you may access via the N26 Support Center As a rule, changes to the applicable limit will be agreed separately with you.


You will not receive any interest on the account balance.


The CASH26 feature is described under Cause 7.4.


The N26 Invest feature is described under Clause 7.5.


The N26 Black membership is described under Clause 7.6


The N26 Business feature is described under Clause 7.7.

3. Account opening


You can open an account, on the condition you are at least 18 years old, have a smartphone, on which the Apps mentioned under Clause 3.2 are installed and can be used and you reside in one of the countries mentioned via in N26 Support Center

and you have not yet opened an account with us. The opening of multiple accounts is not permitted. The opening of an account is only permissible for a natural person. If any identifiable business turnover is transacted via the private current account – with the exception of the regulation in Clause 7.7 - we have the right to terminate the account under compliance of an appropriate notice period.


If you would like to open an account via the App, you must first download it. (Please find information on this in the N26 Support Center)


To open an account via online interface, please visit the website:


After opening the installed App or the online interface, a registration process begins, under which you can apply electronically for the opening of an account.


By submitting an electronic account opening application to N26, you are submitting a binding offer for the conclusion of a contract for the provision of an account with the functions described under Clause 2 of these General Terms and Conditions.

4. Identity verification, conclusion of contract


We are legally obliged to verify your identity prior to the opening of an account. You have the following options:

Identification via PostIdent process by the employees of Deutsche Post AG ("Deutsche Post") (please find more information on this in the N26 Support Center)

Video chat based identification by the employees of IDnow GmbH, Fuerstenstrassse 15, 80333 Munich ("IDnow"),(please find more information on this in the N26 Support Center)

Personal identification checks may be carried out by our employees in exceptional cases.


A contract for the provision of an account with the functions described under Clause 2 of these General Terms and Conditions is concluded when we confirm that we have set up an account for you ("Contract"),either via SMS, e-mail or in any other mode of direct communication.

5. Revocation policy

Revocation right

You can revoke your contract declaration within 14 days without justification in text form (e.g. e-mail). The notice period begins upon receipt of this instruction on a durable data carrier, but not prior to contract conclusion and not before the fulfilment of our information duties as per Article 246b § 2 (1) in conjunction with § 1 (1) Number 7 to 12, 15 and 19 as well as Article 248 § 4 (1) EGBGB [Introductory Act to the German Civil Code]. A timely dispatch of the revocation is adequate for safeguarding the revocation deadline. The revocation must be sent to:

N26 Bank GmbH
Klosterstrasse 62
10179 Berlin


Revocation consequences

In the event of effective revocation, the services received by both parties must be returned and, if applicable, benefits drawn from the services (e.g. interests) must be surrendered. If you exceed the permitted overdraft amount, we may demand neither costs nor interest beyond the repayment of the amount of the excess if we have not properly informed you of the conditions and the consequences of exceeding the overdraft (e.g. applicable borrowing rate, costs). You are committed to pay compensation for the services provided until the point of time of revocation, if this legal consequence was already conveyed to you prior to the submission of your contract declaration and you have explicitly agreed that we shall begin with the execution of return service prior to the end of revocation deadline. If there exists an obligation for the payment of compensation, then this can lead to the situation that you are still bound to fulfil the contractual payment obligations for the time period up to the revocation. Your right of revocation shall expire prematurely if the contract has been fulfilled completely from both parties upon your explicit request, before you have exercised your right of revocation. Obligations to reimburse payments must be fulfilled within 30 days. The term begins with the dispatch of your revocation declaration on your part, whereas on our part, it starts at the point of time in which we receive the documents.

Special instructions

After the revocation of this contract, you are no longer bound by any other contract that is linked to this contract, on the condition the linked contract concerns a service provided by us or by any third party based on the agreement between us and the third party.


6. Language of contract and communication


English is the language of the contract and communication.


Information and declarations, which concern your contractual relationship with us on the basis of these General Terms and Conditions or which are related to the same, should be sent to the following address, unless specified otherwise in these General Terms and Conditions:



+49 (0) 30 364 286 880


N26 Bank GmbH, Klosterstrasse 62, 10179 Berlin

7. Use of account

We identify you as an account holder authorised for making payments with the help of payment authentication instruments.

7.1 Linked smartphone as authentication instrument

The combination of a smart phone that is initially linked to your account and has a personalised safety feature is used as an authentication instrument. You can only release the payment transactions with this combination. You will receive detailed information about the linking of smart phones in the N26 Support Center.

7.2 Personalised security features

A unique combination of e-mail address and password, which you can set up yourself while opening an account and with which you can log on to the end user interfaces and set a PIN that enables you to release payment transactions upon request ("Personalised security feature") operates as personalised security feature. You can set this PIN yourself by following the process described in the N26 Support Center.

7.3 Credit transfers and direct debits

Credit transfer orders and direct debits can be issued exclusively in Euro to SEPA accounts. The general terms and conditions for credit transfers and payments by direct debit under the SEPA core direct debit scheme apply.

7.4 CASH26

The CASH26 feature enables you, the end Customer, to withdraw cash from your current account or deposit cash into your current account at branches of selected retail partner companies (e.g. supermarkets) in Germany. This feature is provided in cooperation with Barzahlen (Cash Payment Solutions GmbH) and payment service provider Greensill Bank AG. For legal reasons, in any 24-hour period the maximum cash withdrawal is limited to EUR 300 and the maximum cash deposit is limited to EUR 999. N26 reserves the right to adjust these limits at any time. Barcodes that were generated by the Customer are valid for a limited period of time. Barcodes that have expired or have been deleted by the Customer can no longer be utilised for CASH26.

Because not all partner companies in the Barzahlen-network provide the CASH26 service, transactions may only be made in branches that are displayed in the "CASH-Map". The CASH-Map can be retrieved within the N26 App. For regulatory reasons, deposits and withdrawals may only be made by the respective account holder and not by any third parties. The final decision on the processing of deposits and withdrawals is dependent on the availability of cash in the respective branch.

The withdrawal of cash with CASH26 is free of charge (not applicable to N26 Flex Customers, price list). For deposits within the scope of CASH26 there will be charge on any amount that exceeds the monthly allowance of EUR 100 per calendar month. You can find details of these charges in the price list available on the N26 website.

7.5 N26 Invest

The N26 Invest feature enables you to instruct N26 via the N26 App with the brokerage of shares (execution only) in investment funds in line with § 1 Paragraph 2 KAGB of the portfolio structures ("Modellportfolios") predefined by vaamo Finanz AG. In order to do this, you must submit the brokerage order to N26 and open a securities account with the FIL Fondsbank GmbH. You can find further information in the Terms and Conditions of N26 Bank GmbH for the Product “N26 Invest”

7.6. N26 Black

The purpose of N26 Black is the provision of special benefits to the Customer in the form of an N26 premium account "N26 Black." The contractual services of the N26 Bank GmbH (“N26”) specifically include (hereafter together known as the “N26 offer”): 1) the provision of a group insurance policy by N26 together with AWP P&C S.A. – Netherlands subsidiary, acting as Allianz Global Assistance Europe and is a member of the Allianz Group (“Insurer”) and 2) the provision of a “N26 Black” MasterCard. You can find further information in the Terms and Conditions of N26 Bank GmbH for the premium account “N26 Black”.

7.7. N26 Business

The purpose of N26 Business is the provision of a Business-MasterCard-debit card, which you can opt to use solely for business purposes. An N26 Business-MasterCard-debit card may only be applied for and used by self-employed natural persons (e.g. freelancers and the self-employed). Use of the Business-MasterCard-debit card is permitted solely for business expenses. Payments made with the card will be debited directly from your N26 account, which, when used in conjunction with the N26 Business-MasterCard-debit card, must also be used predominantly for business purposes.

N26 reserves the right to enquire at any time about the nature of the business use of the N26 Business card and account, as well as about your profession and industry. Independent goods traders are excluded from N26 Business.

8. Non-disclosure of personalised security features; secure storage of authentication instrument

You must maintain secrecy concerning your personalised security features and safely store your authentication instrument. Personalised security features and authentication instrument must be protected from access by a third party.

9. Costs and payment

Remunerations for our services and any expenses to be reimbursed by you are available in our pricelist, which you can be retrieved via the N26 website. Insofar as the remunerations become due, we calculate these on a quarterly basis and debit them from your account at the end of every quarter, insofar as not otherwise disclosed or stated in the price list.

With respect to overdrafts from your account balance, we calculate the interest on the amount that has been overdrawn as per the stipulation of Clause 11.3, unless a separate overdraft credit agreement has been agreed between you and us.

10. Costs for mobile radio and data transfer

You may incur additional costs for the data transfer depending upon the tariff agreed with your telecommunication provider. These costs must be borne by you and will be invoiced to you by the telecommunication provider.

11. Overdraft of the account and consequences

11.1 Account balance

Payment transactions are permitted only in the scope of the credit balance available in the account. Payment transactions initiated by you that exceed the credit balance available in the account will be rejected.

11.2 Interest for account overdraft

If you overdraw your account balance, we shall calculate the interest on the overdrawn amount ("Account overdraft interest"). Unless a separate overdraft credit contract has been concluded with us, the current rate of interest from the overdraft credit agreement is applicable for all overdrafts of your account up to the amount of overdraft facility granted. If no overdraft credit contract has been concluded, we have agreed upon a variable borrowing rate (“account overdraft borrowing rate”) for the overdrawn amount equal to 8.9 percentage points above the respectively applicable interest rate for main refinancing companies of the European Central Bank (hereinafter mentioned as “Reference interest rate”). No additional processing fee is charged.

The changes to the account overdraft interest rate depend upon the development of the reference interest rate. This reference interest rate is determined by the council of the European Central Bank and is published in its official interest rate statistics. The council of the European Central Bank presently systematically advises every 6 weeks as to whether the reference interest rate must be adjusted. The initial reference interest rate for the first change of the account overdraft interest rate is the reference interest rate, which was applicable on 1st November 2015 (0:00 hours). This rate is compared with the recently published reference interest rate.

If the recently published reference interest rate has increased by more than 0.25 percentage points as against the initial reference interest rate, then the change of the account overdraft interest rate is triggered and the account overdraft interest rate is increased by the difference. If the recently published reference interest rate is reduced by more than 0.25 percentage points as against the initial reference interest rate, the account overdraft interest rate is reduced by the difference. The change of the account overdraft interest rate becomes effective on the first calendar day of the next month following the publication of the reference interest rate that triggered the change of the account overdraft interest rate.

This likewise applies to further changes of the account overdraft interest rate, with the stipulation that the reference interest rate which was the basis of the last change of the account overdraft interest rate is used as initial reference interest rate.

The bank will inform the Customers at regular intervals regarding the adjusted account overdraft interest rate as well as the due date of the interest payments – if any – on the condition that the latter changes. You will be informed of any adjustments to the account overdraft interest rate.

Factors such as variations in the default risk of the Customer, bank ratings as well as the in-house cost calculation are considered in the adjustment of the account overdraft interest rate.

The interests are subsequently payable at the end of calendar quarter and are charged against the account.

12. Disclosure and notification obligations


You are obliged to correctly notify us regarding your personal data, in particular your name, address, date of birth, phone number and email address and provide prompt information to us about any changes to this end.


Immediately inform us regarding a loss or theft of your authentication instrument, your personalised safety features or a misuse or unauthorised use of the same. Please send such information to: or by telephone +49 (0) 30 364 286 880.


13.1 Blocking of the account

If we have the reasonable suspicion that any unauthorised use of your account has occurred, we are permitted to block or limit its access. We will inform you promptly via e-mail, SMS or message in the App. Similarly, we will also block your account if you inform us about similar activities. We shall remove the block or the limitation if the reasons for blocking no longer exist.

13.2 Blocking of the card

You have the option to independently block and unblock your card in the end user interfaces. You can report your card as stolen, which will initiate a permanent deactivation of your card and a new card will be sent to you. You also have the option of calling our Customer support and request one of our employees to block your card upon successful authentication.

14. Data protection and bank secrecy

15. Changes to this general terms and conditions ("AGB")

Information concerning any changes to these General Terms and Conditions and the special conditions will be sent to you by e-mail at least two months prior to the proposed time of their date of effectiveness. Your consent shall be deemed as provided if you have not indicated your rejection before the proposed time of the effectiveness of the changes. We will make a specific reference to this de facto acceptance in our offer. If you do not agree with the changes, you can terminate the contract until the point of time the changes take effect without any prior notice. We will make a specific reference to this right to termination in our offer.

16. Applicable law

German law is applicable for the business relation between you and N26.

Supplementary provisions for users of the mobile app "n26" or the online interface that can be reached through

1. Preamble

These provisions ("Supplementary Provisions") apply to the mobile application known as “N26” (the “App”) or the online interface that can be reached through (the “Online Interface”) in addition to the respective applicable conditions of use.

The App and the Online Interface primarily serve to administer your N26 current account, which makes it possible to process transactions using a payment card (the "Card") licensed by MasterCard Inc. (“MasterCard”). In addition, we use the App and the Online Interface to market our own services and products, and will continually build up this product range in cooperation with further partners.

2. Object of regulation


These Supplementary Provisions apply to the services and products offered by N26. Furthermore, we would like to inform you about what personal data we collect, process and use.


Our contract with you comes into existence when we make it possible for you to log in to the App and the Online Interface (acceptance) according to the required data you give when registering (offer). Upon activation by us, a contract between us and you comes into existence on the basis of these Supplementary Provisions. Before giving your offer, you have the opportunity, using the Back button on your browser or smartphone/tablet, as well as using control elements in the App or on the website, to change the data entered, or to completely abort the registration. Your contract with us will be concluded in German. You have the opportunity to call up the contractual provisions, inclusive of these Supplementary Provisions, when concluding the contract, and to store them in reproducible form. No separate storage of the contract text will be done by us.

3. Functionality


The App and the Online Interface serve for administration of the current account offered by us as well as for the rendering of any other services agreed to with you. The App and the Online Interface are 99% available. Availability indicates, with reference to the term of one (1) contractual year, the relation of the timeframe in which you were able to use the software through an existing Internet connection (plus the timeframe for which access on the basis of planned maintenance works or disturbances was not possible, which lay beyond the influence of N26, such as disturbances in the Internet or disturbances in an app store),in relation to the length of the total contractual year.


The App as well as the Online Interface is protected by the intellectual property laws, such as copyright law and trademark law. These rights in relation to you are exclusively reserved to us.


We grant you, exclusively to fulfil the purpose of our contractual relationship with you, the limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable and sub-licensable right, restricted to the period of your contractual relationship with us, to use the App and the Online Interface in accordance with the provisions. The right of use expires upon expiration of the term of the contract.


The End User is not entitled to (i) rent, lease, lend, reproduce, resell or distribute the App or the Online Interface, or access to them; (ii) use the App or the Online Interface for the development of other services; (iii) activate or use the functionalities of the App or the Online Interface for which no rights of use have been granted to him or her; (iv) assign the usage rights to the App or the Online Interface to third parties, or grant third parties access to the App or the Online Interface; (v) alter, translate, reproduce, or decompile the source code of the App or of the Online Interface, or investigate the functions thereof, outside of what may be legally mandatory in accordance with § 69d or § 69e UrhG (Urheberrechtsgesetz [Copyright Law]); and (vi) remove, conceal or alter legal information, in particular concerning industrial property rights or copyrights of N26.

4. Duties of the user

When using the App or the Online Interface, you are not allowed to perform any illegal actions or breach any applicable laws, in particular not to do the following: infringe industrial property rights, copyrights or intellectual rights of third parties; in your usage behaviour, make defamatory, racist or offensive statements, or undertake such actions; transmit contents which contain viruses, Trojan horses, spyware, adware, malware or other damaging or harmful programmes; distribute unwanted advertising (spam) or any other form of nuisance.

5. Compensation

Compensation for our products and services can be found on the price list, which you can be retrieved yia the N26 website. Provided nothing else is specified, no compensation will be due for the use of the App and the Online Interface.

6. Data protection

6.1 Responsible authority

The responsible authority for the processing of your personal data in connection with the App and the Online Interface and the usages described in Clause 1 above, as well as in connection with any further products and/or services is N26 (for contact data, see Clause 1 above).

6.2 Collection, processing and use of your personal data

We collect, process and use your personal data in harmony with the applicable statutory provisions. All of the personal data collected, processed, and used under our responsibility are stored exclusively for the purpose of fulfilling our contractual relationship with you, and not longer than is required for this purpose.

6.3 Purchase of the App

The App is dependent on the smartphone used by you which is obtainable over third-party sales platforms ("app stores"). Your purchase presupposes a prior registration in the app store concerned. We have no influence on the collection, processing and use of personal data by the relevant app store operator. These are the only responsible authorities in this regard.

6.4 Handling and review of your data; right to information; questions on data protection

At any time, you can view your personal data in the App or in the Online Interface. You can also subsequently change your own password. In order to modify or change further personal data, please get in touch with our Customer Support department:

Further, you can at any time demand information about the personal data stored which relates to you personally, as well as its origin and recipients and the purpose for which it is being stored. You can reach us using the aforementioned contact data. Questions, suggestions and notes on data protection can also be directed to the contact data mentioned there.


Otherwise, for the collection, use and processing of personal data, the N26 data privacy policy applies.


If when installing the App or at a later point in time, you have set up the App or the Online Interface to have news sent to you, you can revoke such approval at any time. You can exercise your right of revocation through a corresponding alteration of the news settings on the App or the Online Interface.


We send our newsletter with information about products and services from N26 to all end users who have given their approval to receive it, or for whom the preconditions of § 7 Para. 3 UWG (Gesetz gegen den unlauteren Wettbewerb [Law against Unfair Competition]) exist. You can unsubscribe from our newsletter using the link provided for this purpose at the end of any newsletter.

You hereby consent to N26 Bank GmbH transmitting data about your application, conclusion and termination of this account to SCHUFA Holding AG, Kormoranweg 5, D-65201 Wiesbaden. Irrespective thereof N26 Bank GmbH may also transmit information concerning our outstanding claims against you to SCHUFA. This is permissible according to the German Data Protection Act (Section 28a, Subsection 1, Sentence 1) if I you have not paid the due amount irrespective of the fact it has fallen due for payment; the forwarding is necessary to safeguard legitimate interests of N26 or third parties and the claim is enforceable or you have expressly acknowledged the claim or after the claim fell due for payment you received at least two written reminders, N26 informed you in good time, at the earliest, however, by way of the first reminder, of the pending forwarding after four weeks at least, and you have not contested the claim, or the contractual relationship underlying the claim may be terminated without notice by N26 on the basis of payment arrears, and if N26 has informed you of the pending forwarding.

Furthermore, N26 shall also transmit data about other conduct that is not as per agreement (e.g. account or credit card misuse or other fraudulent acts) to SCHUFA. Such notification may only be provided in accordance with the German Data Protection Act (Section 28, Subsection 2) insofar as this is necessary to safeguard legitimate interests of N26 or third parties, and there is no reason to assume that the interest of the affected parties that is worthy or protection overrides the exclusion of such forwarding.

To this extent, you release N26 Bank GmbH from the obligation of banking secrecy.

SCHUFA stores and uses the data received. The use also includes calculating a probability value based on the SCHUFA dataset to assess the credit risk (score). It forwards the received data to its contractual partners in the European Economic Area and Switzerland to provide such parties with information on assessing the creditworthiness of natural persons. Contractual partners of SCHUFA are companies that are subject to financial default risks based on their underlying services or deliveries (particularly credit institutions as well as credit card and leasing companies, but also letting, trading, telecommunications, energy supplying, insurance and collection companies). SCHUFA only makes personal data available if a legitimate interest in that respect has been credibly presented, and if the forwarding is permissible following consideration of all interests. Accordingly, the scope of the respective data made available may vary depending on the type of contractual partner. Furthermore, SCHUFA uses the data for the examination of identity and age of persons upon request from its contractual partners, who, for example offer services on the internet.

You are entitled to receive information about stored data concerning yourself from SCHUFA. Further information about the SCHUFA information and scoring procedure can be viewed at SCHUFA postal address is: SCHUFA Holding AG, Privatkunden ServiceCenter, post office box 103441, D-50474 Cologne.

Consent for Clause 8 is intended solely for end Customers with an address in Germany.

9. Term of contract; Termination


Your contractual relationship with us runs indefinitely. It ends automatically with the end of your contract for the current account offered by us and administered with the App and the Online Interface, if nothing else has been agreed to with you. With the end of our contractual relationship with you, all of the rights of use granted to you in accordance with these Supplementary Provisions likewise end.

9.2 End User’s right of termination

The termination rights of the Customer, Clause 18 of the General Business Conditions of N26; Basic Rules Governing the Relationship Between the Customer and the Bank are taken as agreed.

9.3 Termination right of N26

The termination rights the Bank, Clause 19 of the General Business Conditions of N26; Basic Rules Governing the Relationship Between the Customer and the Bank are taken as agreed.

For Customers with the right to a basic payment account according to §38 et seq. of the Payment Accounts Act (§ 38 ff. Zahlungskontengesetz – ZKG, only available in German),contrary to Sentence 1 the termination right in accordance with § 42 Paragraph 2 of the Payment Accounts Act (§ 42 Absatz 2 ZKG, only available in German) is taken as agreed with the end Customer.

10. Liability


We shall be liable without restriction for damages arising from injury to life, limb or health, which rests on a breach of duty by us, a legal representative, or auxiliary of us, which are caused by the absence of guaranteed quality by us or malicious behaviour on the part of us, as well as for damages that were caused by premeditation or gross negligence on the part of us or of a legal representative or auxiliary of us.


In the event of a breach of significant contractual duties due to gross negligence, we shall be liable except in the cases listed in Clauses 10.1 and 10.3, with the amount to be limited to foreseeable damages typical under the contract. Significant contractual duties are abstractly those duties whose fulfilment makes it possible in the first place to implement a contract in orderly fashion, and upon whose observance the contractual parties may regularly rely.


Liability under the product liability law remains unaffected.


Otherwise liability on the part of N26 is excluded.

11. Set-off

You can only set off our claims with undisputed or legally established counter-claims.

12. Amendment of the supplementary provisions


We can only amend these Supplementary Provisions when the amendment is reasonable for you, taking into consideration our interests. We will inform you about an amendment at least two months before the time at which the amendments become effective by email ("amendment offer"). If you do not agree with the amendments, you can terminate the contract until the point of time the amendments take effect without any prior notice. Otherwise your consent is considered to have been given to the amendments with effect as of the point in time named in the communication of amendment. In the amendment offer, we will inform you about your right of termination as well as the timeframe for termination. Please note that in case of a termination, use of the current account through the App and the Online Interface will no longer be possible.


For an amendment of the price list referenced in Clause 5 of these Supplementary Provisions, Clause 12.1 of these Supplementary Provisions applies accordingly.

13. Miscellaneous

For these Supplementary Provisions, German law applies to the exclusion of international private law. In the course of business with consumers inside the European Union, the law at the place of residence of the consumer can also be applied, if mandatory applicable consumer-related provisions are concerned.