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%inviter% has invited you to join N26

Create your account without any paperwork or bureaucracy

3 Reasons To Try N26

  • Make instant transfers to friends like %inviter% using MoneyBeam
  • Do everything from your phone and get realtime notifications after every action
  • Get a free Mastercard and withdraw cash from any ATM

3 Things You Get With N26

  • Bank Account to store your money and make transfers

  • Mastercard to withdraw cash and make payments

  • Mobile App to manage your account and card

The N26 Bank Account

Is N26 a bank?

Yes, N26 is a fully licensed bank across Europe, and is regulated under German law.

Is the N26 bank account free?

Yes, the basic N26 bank account is free, and there are no “account management” fees. You can create your account in less than eight minutes directly from your smartphone.

Does the account require a minimum monthly deposit?

No, there’s no minimum monthly deposit. It’s free if you have 0€ or 1.000.000€.

What do I need to open an account?

First, you need to download the N26 mobile banking app, available for both iOS and Android devices. Second, you need your passport or another approved form of ID to verify on a video call with a representative. That’s it. Once you successfully verify, pair your smartphone to your new account, and we’ll activate your IBAN so you can transfer money right away.

How is it so easy to make an account?

It’s this easy because our completely secure video call ID verification eliminates the time of visiting a bank location. Using N26 means being able to do everything you could regularly do with a bank straight from your smartphone, and that includes making the account itself.

Is the N26 bank account secure?

Yes, all N26 accounts are protected by the Compensation Scheme of German Banks up to 100.000€ per account, regardless of the account holder’s country of residence. Your account is also secure with every transfer. You can only access your account on your paired smartphone through a password or fingerprint, and all transfers must be confirmed with your PIN.

The N26 App

Do I get a free card with my N26 account?

You can get the N26 Mastercard for free in Germany, Austria, France, Spain, and Italy, and 2,90€ per month in the rest of Europe, which you can use for all payments online and offline anywhere that accepts Mastercard, and for all cash withdrawals and NFC payments.

Where can I withdraw cash? Is it free?

You can withdraw cash with your N26 Mastercard at any ATM from any bank, as long as it takes Mastercard. Our Fair Use Policy means you can make a number of free ATM withdrawals depending on your region, and make unlimited free withdrawals in Germany using CASH26.