Money Tips: When You’re Moving In With Your Partner

Moving in together isn’t just a big emotional commitment, it’s also a big financial step.

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Moving in with your significant other isn’t just a big emotional commitment, it’s also a significant financial step. And it might be easy to lose sight of that fact with all the excitement of looking for a place, packing your things, and working out moving logistics. 

But money is one of the top sources of stress in relationships, so it’s crucial to talk about your finances before moving in together. Discover how to handle money as a team, and then figure out the tools you need to make this big next step a success. 

To help you make this exciting next step go smoothly, we’ve outlined some practical tips and advice.

Be open and upfront about your finances

Without a doubt, this is the most valuable thing you can do to create financial harmony in your new home. But it can also be the most difficult, especially if you’re not used to talking openly about your finances. Everyone has different philosophies when it comes to money management, and it’s okay if yours and your partner’s aren’t the same. Prioritize your financial health as a couple by setting a regular time each week or month to sit down and talk about money. 

Understand each other's obligations 

Since you’re making a big financial commitment, it’s important to understand each other’s financial situations. This can be a somewhat uncomfortable discussion, particularly if you’re dealing with significant hardships or debt. Having anxiety about your financial situation is natural, but feeling like you have to hide them from your partner might be a sign that you shouldn’t be living together yet. Once you understand each other’s situations, you can decide if you want to split your household expenses evenly or if the person with the larger income can contribute more.

Establish responsibilities 

Set ownership on joint household expenses so you both know who is responsible for paying for what and when. This will ensure peace of mind and financial stability for both you and your partner. If one partner feels more comfortable paying all the bills, it’s still important that both of you understand the household’s expenses and financial situation.

Align your financial goals

Talking about your financial goals, and being on the same page about financial priorities is a great way to ensure long-term harmony when you live with a significant other. If you can align your goals — like adopting a dog or buying a house — it will make it easier to save money together and achieve your aims. It’s okay if your goals don’t match up 100 percent of the time. Having an open dialogue will help you reach valid compromises and support your partner’s most important goals.

Be supportive of each other’s financial priorities

Your partner’s spending habits may be different from your own, and this can sometimes present some challenges. If you both love eating out, it’s easy to support each other when it comes to exploring great restaurants . But if your passions and interests don’t match up, it’s sometimes tougher to understand certain spending habits. Avoid disagreements by learning to listen, and give and take a little. This form of  understanding and compromise will help you support each other even when you don’t see eye to eye. 

N26 makes it easier to manage your money together

Get the tools that you need to achieve your individual and joint financial goals The N26 app is designed to help you and your partner stay on top of your money and plan for the future:

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  • Pay each other back instantly for rent and utilities with MoneyBeam.

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