What Your Sign Says About Your Relationship with Money

No matter if you’re a skeptic, a die hard, or somewhere in between, astrology might be a fun way to look at your financial habits.

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Whether you know the sun, moon and rising signs of your entire friend group by heart, or you can’t tell your Aries from your Leos, these days it’s virtually impossible to escape astrology in some form or another. In fact, nearly 30% of zoomers (that’s people belonging to Gen Z) read horoscopes regularly according to a survey of 1,000 adults across the U.S. conducted by N26. If you’re a skeptic, or feel like what’s written in the stars is little more than general "feel-good" wisdom, you might want to reconsider your relationship with the cosmos. According to our survey data, 1 in 3 Americans who are regular horoscope readers are more optimistic about their financial outlook compared to non horoscope readers. This shift in mentality can significantly affect your finances: From the investments you’re willing to make, to how much you’re likely to save long-term. 

We’re not saying that your sign will necessarily dictate your spending habits, but taking a deeper look at yourself and understanding your patterns is certainly a good way to fix unwanted behavior, recognize your motivations, and embrace parts of your personality that can help you make better financial decisions down the road.

Your financial personality according to your zodiac sign.

What your sign says about your finances

In case you didn’t know, the Age of Aquarius is said to bring innovation and disruption, as this astrological sign is said to rule many relevant aspects to our lives including community, technology and scientific innovation. This is one of the many learnings that renown zodiac gurus, The AstroTwins, shared as they helped us break down the signs to find some nuggets of financial wisdom across the astrological spectrum. If you’re still skeptical about astrology, there’s no need to look away just yet. Good money advice is universal, and can help you look at your relationship with your money in a different, perhaps unexpected way. 

You can read the full breakdown on their blog, but we’ve gathered a few key takeaways from their findings.


What drives you: Passion

Your money personality: You might be willing to sacrifice large paychecks in lieu of getting your vision off the ground. You have a tendency of impulsively spending as fast as you earn.

Your financial North Star: Develop a simple system for saving, and tuck away a non-negotiable percentage of each paycheck. Remember that a well-stocked emergency fund will bring you peace of mind.


What drives you: Luxury

Your money personality: You often spend on art, music, fashion, and other beautiful things, yet you can be frugal when you need to. You prefer investing in timeless things rather than being swayed by trends.

Your financial North Star: Learn the basics of budgeting, saving and investing to make the most out of your financial planning skills. Listen to your sensible side, but don’t forget that sometimes being bold can pay off.


What drives you: Variety

Your money personality: You're great at making quick and assertive spending decisions.

Your financial North Star: Keeping any “fear of missing out'' in check will allow you to build up savings for when the right moment comes up. Satisfy your dual personalities by saving a dollar for each dollar you spend; this way you will build security without suppressing your free-spirited nature.


What drives you: Financial security

Your money personality: You have a generous heart, but appreciate having a steady income and comfortable savings.

Your financial North Star: Make a separate budget to treat yourself from time to time, and take advantage of good deals or discounts. Embrace flexible working arrangements, and work from home if you can, since you might be happiest in your own space.


What drives you: Experiences

Your money personality: You tend to be extremely generous, love treating friends, and enjoy living life to the fullest regardless of cost.

Your financial North Star: Moderation is key when it comes to keeping your free spirit in check. Don’t go from extreme spending to extreme frugality, as this could hurt you in the long term – instead, become a wise money manager, and you’ll unlock significant long-term balance.


What drives you: Resourcefulness

Your money personality: You’re a natural curator, and can see value in the most basic things. You also like to save up for meaningful purchases, rather than spending carelessly. 

Your financial North Star: While you are often supportive and selfless with friends in need (be it with advice or resources), creating boundaries will help you stay on top of your finances, and not put your own wellbeing at stake.


What drives you: Balance

Your money personality: You constantly weigh information and try to make sensible decisions. You love beautifully crafted things, and will often spare no expense to get them. 

Your financial North Star: Learning when to say no gracefully can go a long way – after all, no one can argue with you wanting to stay within your budget. Automatically transfer money from your main account so you won’t be tempted to spend it.


What drives you: Opportunity

Your money personality: You tend to be comfortable dealing with large amounts of money, and thrive with competition.

Your financial North Star: Be careful with extremes, as this can sometimes be reflected in your spending habits. Keep in mind that spending can sometimes be emotionally driven, and emotions can rule your decisions in extreme ways.


What drives you: Hedonism

Your money personality: You’re a natural entrepreneur, and use money as means to experience the world.

Your financial North Star: Don’t rely too much on luck. Offset any risk-prone tendencies by having a reliable partner when it comes to your money flow. Get started as early as you can with retirement savings to set some money aside for the future.


What drives you: Ambition

Your money personality: You know that good things come to those that work for them. You like to be grounded and financially secure, but measure success on your own terms.

Your financial North Star: Embrace your planning tendencies, and investment mindset, to set yourself up for future stability. Don’t let FOMO get the best of you, since long term planning will bring plenty of rewards. 


What drives you: Idealism

Your money personality: You understand that money is an essential resource, but you’re troubled by its negative impact on humanity.

Your financial North Star: The sharing economy has your name written all over it, since it allows you to save while reducing your impact on the environment. Take advantage of your resourcefulness when it comes to getting and saving money. 


What drives you: Romance

Your money personality: You allow money to ebb and flow in and out of your life – being extremely generous with friends and family when you have it, and working hard when you don’t.

Your financial North Star: Having a cushion can help you feel stable and grounded. Find meaningful work that will keep you inspired to earn, and don’t let romantic notions or your feelings get the better of your ability to spend mindfully. 

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